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Product Change Communication in SaaS

Find out how the developers at Ambassify solved the issue of product change communication!

How to Make your Advocacy Program a Success among Your Employees

Even with leadership buy-in, your employees are the number 1 factor in your employee advocacy program. Read on to find out how to get them all on board!

Getting Ready for Your Online Meeting, the Developer Way

Want to know more about what Ambassify developers do for fun? Check out the introduction of this blog article for one of our fun little projects.

3 Essential Steps to Get Leadership Buy-In for Your Advocacy Program

Getting leadership buy-in can be a challenging endeavor, we know: read on to find out our 3-step battle plan to gain support for your advocacy program!

The Importance of Employee Advocacy with Privacy on the Rise

Privacy restrictions made it harder for marketers to target people on social media and with ads. Rather, harness the power of organic reach with advocacy!

Why Employee Advocacy Is Becoming So Popular

Advocacy can tackle two of your biggest business problems: delivering next-level growth and building employer brand. Keep reading to find out how!

Employee Advocacy and Internal Comms: a Powerful Collaboration

Internal comms and advocacy have one core: communication. Here, we'll explore the details of this powerful collaboration!

What is Employee Advocacy?

Ever wondered what’s the trump card in marketing? The answer is employee advocacy, and here we'll deep-dive into its foundations and what it comes down to

Are you tired of your online event becoming a 2nd-screen activity?

find out how to prevent your events from becoming a 2nd screen activity and boost engagement at the same time.

Product Focus: Ambassify Affiliate Campaigns

Ambassify Affiliate Link Campaigns: all the tools you need to generate real engagement with your workforce.