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  1. how to build a strong employer brand in a hybrid company

    How to Build a Strong Employer Brand in a Hybrid Company

    The concept ofEmployer Brand, Employee Value Proposition, and company culture can be confusing, we...

  2. enhance listening strategy to grow trust

    Enhance your listening strategy to grow trust inside your organization

    People co-create in marketing all the time. Why? Because it widens your innovation process by...

  3. P&V Group customer interview

    Customer interview: P&V Group for Ambassify

    P&V Group is a cooperative Belgian insurance group offering insurance solutions for individuals,...

  4. partnership 4P square and Ambassify

    Ambassify & 4P square: Our Partnership Explained

    4P square stands as a prominent marketing and sales consultancy and freelance company. With a...

  5. is your employee advocacy program successful

    Is your employee advocacy program successful?

    At the start

    The number of employees who accept the invitation to join the program is an indicator...

  6. how to make an impact with your EVP

    3 Essential Steps to Make an Impact with Your EVP

    Whether or not you’re actively working on your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), the fact remains...

  7. reward management strategy

    Overcoming reward management hesitations

    Adding a layer of gamification and rewards to your employee advocacy program is a great way to...

  8. B2B corporate branding

    How to Shape a Strong B2B Corporate Branding with Employee Advocacy

    What is B2B corporate branding?

    Reputation for a person develops in the same way brand does for a...

  9. introducing a cafeteria plan in our company

    Implementing a Cafeteria Plan at Ambassify

    Why, you might ask?

    Before we dive into the details, you have to know that Ambassify was founded...