Product Focus: Ambassify and Intranet Systems

By Damian Keane on March 29, 2021

We get asked a lot of questions regarding how platforms like Ambassify fit along with your current internal communication tool. Some of these go along the lines of “Do you replace our existing office intranet?”, “Do you sync with our office intranet?” or “What’s the difference between Ambassify[...]

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Press Release - Ambassify raises €2 million to reinvent employee engagement

By Damian Keane on March 23, 2021

Belgium, 23 March 2021 - Employee engagement platform Ambassify has raised €2 million in funding. The company’s strong growth over the past years, combined with positive financial results, attracted a lot of attention from investors. Ambassify will use the funding to further reinvent employee[...]

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Product Focus: Go beyond Social Sharing

By Damian Keane on February 25, 2021

When it comes to building initial engagement with employees, or launching an Employee Advocacy program, a lot of companies begin with a social sharing strategy. But what happens after you have success with this? 

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Product Updates: New features for January 2021

By Damian Keane on January 28, 2021

January: For a lot of us, it's a month that feels like it never ends for some inexplicable reason. The holidays are over, and we commit to losing the extra weight we gained from several weeks of being part human/part chocolate cake/part alcoholic. Though didn't we promise ourselves the same[...]

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The Ultimate Guide to HR Digital Transformation (Part #4) — 3 Inspiring (& Easily Replicable) Examples of HR Digital Transformation Projects

By Damian Keane on January 26, 2021

In our primer on the role of AI in human resources, I talked about how artificial intelligence is at the core of reinventing legacy HR processes.

You might not be at this stage of your HR digital transformation yet.That’s understandable — most companies aren’t.But…

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The Ultimate Guide to HR Digital Transformation (Part #3) — The 6 Stages of HR Digital Transformation

By Damian Keane on January 13, 2021

As I’ve mentioned in part #1 of this series on HR digital transformation, companies still struggle with slightly more complex digital implementations in human resources departments.

The reason for that is simple.

HR digital transformation is not a switch that you flip. It’s not something that[...]

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5 Employee Engagement Trends & Predictions for 2021 (& What You Need to Do to Safeguard Engagement Levels in Times of Crisis)

By Damian Keane on December 29, 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster year of firsts for employee engagement.

According to Gallup engagement polls, US-based employees have never been more invested in their work than in May 2020. Then those numbers plummeted in late May. But they came back up in June.

Now, they seem to have settled[...]

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Product Updates: New features for December 2020, and a yearly recap!

By Damian Keane on December 28, 2020

December: A month where most of us will say goodbye to our diets, assuring ourselves we'll behave in January whilst consuming yet another piece of chocolate, and losing hours of our lives untangling sets of rope lights to put on the tree/around the house. Not our Dev team however, who treat rope[...]

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The Ultimate Guide to HR Digital Transformation (Part #2) — The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources Management

By Damian Keane on December 14, 2020

In part #1 of The Ultimate Guide to HR Digital Transformation, I explored what digital transformation in human resources is. I also dug a bit deeper into why it’s important, and how your company can harness it to make some bottom-line-boosting changes.

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The Ultimate Guide to HR Digital Transformation (Part #1) — Definition, Goals & the Why Behind the Digital Transformation in Human Resources

By Damian Keane on December 03, 2020

We’re in the final stretches of 2020, and HR digital transformation is still proving to be challenging for a lot of organisations.

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