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  1. Dockerizing our Heroku Apps

    Dockerizing Our Heroku Apps

    What we’re built on

    The engineering team behind Ambassify isn’t a large one, so using Heroku was an...

  2. Influencer Marketing_Cover

    Get a Foolproof Start with Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing has proven its value when it’s about growing your brand or company on Instagram

  3. 2023 Content Calendar

    Our 2023 Content Calendar Is Here!

    What will you find inside?

    Our content calendar is an extensive library of ideas and suggestions...

  4. Feature image about Instagram share, collective goals, and more upgrades!

    Instagram share, collective goals, and more upgrades!

    Instagram share is here!

    Yes, you read that correctly. Our native mobile app now supports Instagram...

  5. LinkedIn Plugin

    From a one-day Hackathon to an Awesome Browser Plugin

    Hello there, do you remember our β€œSuper Secret One-Day Hackathon,” where we hacked together the...

  6. Influencer Marketing_Cover

    The Guidelines for Influencer Marketing in Belgium

    Influencer Marketing has been a hot topic for a while now. If you want to grow as a company on...

  7. Feature image about Great Ideas Don't Spread by Themselves

    Great Ideas Don't Spread by Themselves

    Why do some ideas spread through a population like wildfire while others fizz out and never really...

  8. Sovereign Cloud to Ensure Data Residency in EEA

    Sovereign Cloud to Ensure SaaS Data Residency in EEA

    Ambassify received multiple questions from customers regarding the measures we will take in light...

  9. Social Media Data_Cover

    How to Interpret and Deal with Social Media Data

    Data is gold. 

  10. Custom reporting cover image

    New in Ambassify: Custom Reporting

    Here at Ambassify, we have always been aware of the importance of data.