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  1. Instagram share, collective goals, and more upgrades!

    Instagram share is here!

    Yes, you read that correctly. Our native mobile app now supports Instagram...

  2. Custom reporting cover image

    New in Ambassify: Custom Reporting

    Here at Ambassify, we have always been aware of the importance of data. 

  3. Online content calendar and two mighty new platform features!

    Subscribe to our online content calendar

    Need some inspiration for your campaigns? We've got you. A...

  4. Product Focus: Ambassify Affiliate Campaigns

    What are Affiliate campaigns?

  5. Product Focus: Ambassify and Intranet Systems

    Is Ambassify a replacement for your existing intranet?

  6. Product Focus: Go beyond Social Sharing

    Before starting, let’s get this straight: there isn’t anything wrong with solely focusing on a...