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Our Service Partners have curated their personal webinars to bring their expertise to you and help your organization take your business to the next step.

Harnessing the power of brain science with Piet Saegeman

  • Introduction on brain science, what it is, and how it works
  • Discussion of a model of how to use brain science in your company’s communication
  • Creation of a concrete template to build a message for internal projects, a sales pitch, or your content plan

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How to ace LinkedIn in the B2B space with Sarah Vandewoude

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn in a professional B2B environment to connect marketing and sales
  • Gain insight into the algorithm and put your company in the spotlight
  • Learn best practices to boost your company's image and attract potential employees and customers

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Tap into the success of social media as a business with So Buzzy

  • The transformation of Social Media Marketing up to current times
  • Most relevant Social Media trends
  • Best practices to build a future-proof Social Media strategy for your company

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Measuring your Employer Brand with Yves Pilet

  • The foundation of a data-driven employer branding strategy
  • Why data of your employer brand matters but shouldn’t be the sole focus
  • Why the difference between employer branding and recruitment is key
  • Which KPIs matter when it comes to your employer's brand

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