Use Case: Employer Branding

Leverage the authentic voice of your employees to drive Employer Branding

Ambassify will help you humanize your brand by leveraging the personal experience and unique voice of your employees to drive your culture and scale your employer branding and recruitment efforts.

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How Helan shared custom-made vacancies

Helan asked employees what they liked the most about having Helan as an employer and created custom-made stories and visuals based on the answers. Then, they asked employees to share the story that resonated with them the most.


How Unique displayed its culture through advocacy

Unique organized a huge event to celebrate the company's 50 years. They asked its Ambassadors to upload on the platform the footage of the event so they could gather all the content and use it on their socials.


How Infrabel recruited employees to act in their recruitment video

Infrabel wanted to shoot a recruitment video: to do so, they asked their employees to contribute to the campaign by acting in it. All profiles were welcome, from programmers to engineers to warehousemen to technicians.


Humanize your brand with authenticity together with your employees

Your employees' voice and authentic presence are what's going to take your Employer Branding efforts to the next level. Leverage their presence on social media to drive recruitment and become a top-of-mind employer.



Let ambassadors share your culture in a personalized way

Ambassify allows your ambassadors to personalize their posts every time with custom captions and visuals to express themselves in the way that resonates with them the most.

Empower your employees to share their experiences in a more personal way by using their genuine voice and words to showcase your Employer Brand uniquely every time.

Boost recruiment on social media by leveraging authenticity

Authenticity is what people react to, which is why your employees are the most powerful weapon in your arsenal if you want to spread your culture.

Leverage the thought leadership of your employees and their genuine voices as committed ambassadors to claim visibility as an employer, enhance your culture, and attract the right talent. 


Build a community feeling and strengthen your internal culture

Culture is about building and growing solid, collaborative relationships with your employee ambassadors.

From gathering input and content co-creation to stimulating internal engagement with live comments and interactions, Ambassify offers all the right features to solidify your relationship with the employees.

Empower employees to speak to their audience with the right messaging

With Ambassify's Referrals and Affiliate links, you can empower your employees to attract the right talent via their social media channels and refer candidates personally.

You can track individual performance, activity, and generated traffic through the platform itself and gauge your ambassadors' involvement.


Want a real-life example?

Discover how our clients are leveraging the authentic voice of their employees to drive Employer Branding



How Helan uses Ambassify to boost its employer branding

With a combination of surveys and content creation campaigns, Helan focuses on leveraging in-house creativity and input to personalize its ambassadors' experience on the platform and on social media.

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Prospect employees and candidates will do their research outside of your company page — make sure you are prepared and you’re amplifying your best profile with the help of your employees.

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