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Employee Advocacy and Internal Comms: a Powerful Collaboration

Internal comms and advocacy have one core: communication. Here, we'll explore the details of this powerful collaboration!

Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing With User-Generated Content

User-generated content statistics continue to prove that your fans and advocates are your best salespeople. Learn how to benefit from a UGC campaign today!

What is Employee Advocacy?

Ever wondered what’s the trump card in marketing? The answer is employee advocacy, and here we'll deep-dive into its foundations and what it comes down to

3 Inspiring Brand Advocacy Campaigns You Can Learn from Today

Looking to fire up your best people and turn them into your best salespeople? We handpicked three inspirational examples of brand advocacy. Check them out!

Promoting Your Company Webinars: the Power of Your Employee Networks

Looking for an innovative way to promote your next company webinar? Look no further! Learn how Ambassify can help you reach a larger more engaged audience.

Employee Advocacy Guide - Activating Your Employees To Boost Engagement & Sales

Your employees are your biggest untapped resource. Learn about the benefits of employee advocacy programs and increase social media awareness, leads & sales!