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LP - Website - Social Media Marketing Use Case

A new, sensible approach to engaging social media marketing

Increase social media reach and engagement with a new, more future-proof way of connecting both internal and external peers and with your brand.

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How Helan boosts social media performance

Helan is currently using Ambassify to boost its social media posts and get more engagement and impressions out of them. With Ambassify, you can create campaigns for your employees on the fly.

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Rely on a comprehensive social sharing tool to increase conversions

Struggling with getting more engagement on your social media posts? Leverage the power of your employees to get more likes, comments, and shares on your content and see conversions to your website grow.

Maximize impressions with social share

Get your employees to share more and more of your company's content to get the best results out of every post and see clicks, traffic, and conversions from social media to your website grow.

Get more engagement in social media campaigns

Leverage your Ambassadors' social media networks and connections to see engagement levels rise. With Ambassify, you'll discover & track new trends, and gain API-powered insights.

Expand your reach to a whole new online audience

Social media platforms are lowering the reach of pages, but when your employees share your content systematically, you can target 2nd- and 3rd-degree connections, reaching far beyond your follower base.

Let's take a look at your case together

Whether your ideas are still raw or already crystal clear, we'll go through your case together and show you how Ambassify can add value relevant to your needs.


Discovering new Social Media growth
starts with this Ambassify demo

Ambassify's features will make your life as a social media manager easier

Ambassify is known to have an extensive selection of unique, well-received special features. Enjoy a taste of what we have in store, and reach out if you want to browse the full menu.

Create a community that works for you

Get your employees together in an online community where they can access & interact with campaigns, even from MS Teams. Want to make it fun? Activate the gamification options with leaderboards.

Share natively on all major social media platforms

With Ambassify, your employees can always share zero-click content on social media — from images to articles and links to videos. Why? To score better and maximize the impact and results of every post.

Make campaigns in a few clicks with our builder

Ambassify's intention-based campaign builder can quickly guide you toward the right campaign based on the interaction you want to obtain. Editing campaigns is just as simple, allowing adjustments on the fly.

Ambassify has a feature to cater to your every need

With new features coming out at every turn, Ambassify aims to ease your struggles while maximizing your employees' advocacy efforts and boosting your overall marketing performance on social media.

Schedule smartly for better results

Automatically schedule a Social Media post to be shared at the time when your audience is most likely to engage with it.

Share videos natively online

Share zero-click videos on social media directly from the platform for better engagement.

Automatically verify social shares

Many other platforms require you to manually verify if a campaign was shared. Ambassify verifies on the fly.