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Ambassify's partners are here to share their knowledge and expertise for you to take your business to the next level.

Knowledge sharing

We deliver various types of content such as webinars, articles, client stories, and knowledge to help you bring your expertise to a higher level.

Professional training

We provide individual and group sessions on different topics based on the expertise and knowledge offered by our experts and partners.

Personalized consultancy

We support your company with professional workshops, training, and consultancy to take your business strategy to the next level.

Employer Branding

Companies have to set themselves apart from their competitors. This has been the case for
organizations and their products and services, but today it's also about setting yourself apart as an
employer. That's how you're going to attract, engage, and retain talent.

Yves Pilet

Yves will share his Employer Branding expertise related to a variety of topics, including how to perform target group analyses and draw up your personas, analyze labor market competition and development, and set up your complete employer branding strategy and KPIs.

Employer Branding workshop
You will learn the essential checklist of a great EVP, and how you can create one for your company. You'll explore all things Employer Branding and turn theory into practice with real-life cases.

⏱  1 hour     📍 Online 

Social Media

Social Media can become a powerful asset for your company if used correctly. From helping you engage and interact with your audience, to putting your content on display, Social Media can really work for you and help you take your organization to the next level.

Sarah Vandewoude

Sarah is specialized in Social Media content and statistics and provides regular training in Social Media, Google Adwords, Content Marketing, Email marketing, SEO, and Video Marketing.

Social Media Training
You'll gain a better understanding of how your company can benefit from Social Media, and how to stimulate and increase interactions and grow the value of content in your community.

⏱  +/- 3 hours    📍 Online/in-person

Strategic Communication

The company with the better story wins. Messaging and strategic communication are crucial if you want your strategy to be successful. Learn how to align communication across all departments by crafting your messages with the help of brain science. 

Piet Saegeman

Piet specializes in strategic messaging for internal and external communications, and company workshops on how to create high-impact messages with brain science providing guidance for communication challenges.

Strategic Communication workshop
Piet will discuss strategic messaging for communication and give you tips on communication strategies to help you improve the adoption rate of your advocacy program.

⏱  Half a day/based on needs    📍 In-person

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing and Social Media are inseparably linked. More and more companies see the advantage of working with influencers to reach target groups that they have difficulty reaching via their own channels. So Buzzy can help you find your way into Influencer and Ambassador Marketing.

So Buzzy

So Buzzy is a Marketing Agency specializing in Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, and conversation Management, but also Influencer and Ambassador Marketing.

Influencer Marketing workshop
Would you like to work with influencers to reach your business goals, but don't know where to
start? Then this workshop is definitely for you
. Learn practical tips and tricks to kick off your new strategy.

⏱  3 hours    📍 In-person/online    🧑‍🦰 Max. 15

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