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  1. How Ambassify developed a Browser plugin to turn any LinkedIn post into a share campaign on the spot

    Our “Super Secret” One-Day Hackathon

    The idea was simple, get everyone to the office secret hideout, come up with an idea that’s...

  2. Newsletter: Campaign Builder & New Features

    Newsletter: Campaign Builder & New Features

    Create campaigns faster than ever with our new campaign builder!

    It needed all the extra care and...

  3. how to boost your employer brand through employee advocacy and employee engagement

    Boost Your Employer Branding with Employee Engagement and Advocacy

    In case you’re not familiar with it, employer branding is the way your company is perceived as a...

  4. how employee advocacy can help you drive genuine engagement within your company

    The Relationship between Employee Advocacy and Employee Engagement

    You can look at employee advocacy and employee engagement as two siblings: they have a common...

  5. How to successfully onboard an advocacy platform

    How to Ace the Onboarding of an Advocacy Platform

    Onboarding an advocacy platform requires precise steps, a plan. You’re not just introducing a new...

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  7. product change communication in SaaS

    Product Change Communication in SaaS

    Every SaaS company will sooner or later get to a stage of their growth where it becomes harder and...

  8. employee advocacy program

    A Guide to Building and maintaining your Employee Advocacy Program

    Why you need an employee advocacy program

    Nowadays, consumers make their business talk online. They...

  9. Getting Ready for Your Online Meeting, the Developer Way

    Getting Ready for Your Online Meeting, the Developer Way

    Before our latest development meeting, I was wondering if I looked okay because I'd been running my...