Use Case: Corporate Branding

Scale your brand communication and strengthen your image on the market

Strengthen your branding by partnering up with your employees: leverage their thought leadership, build connections, and become a top-of-mind brand.

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Build and strengthen your brand reputation by wielding thought leadership

Tap into the established and trusted network of your employees to scale your brand by streamlining a series of curated content in line with branding guidelines, growing awareness, and raising credibility and authenticity on the market.

Raise your brand image through advocacy and become top-of-mind

Identify high-profile and active employee ambassadors and leverage their personal brand, thought leadership, and social media presence to build up your brand perception.

Spread brand awareness by accessing your ambassadors' networks and become a top-of-mind brand in your sector.


Share 3rd-party industry-relevant content and build thought leadership

Support your employees in building their expertise and thought leadership on social media by sharing industry-related content from trusted, reliable 3rd-party sources.

Let employees educate themselves and others by sharing that content online and raising the profile of their personal brand.

Boost your brand communication and raise credibility and brand trust  

Tap into the established and trusted network of your high-profile employees to scale your brand communication with authenticity.

Spread brand awareness with carefully curated content in line with branding guidelines and claim visibility wielding the power of thought leadership and brand pride.


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Discover how our clients are strengthening their brand image through advocacy


How Allianz wields connectivity and pride as brand-enhancing ingredients

Find out how Allianz is claiming large-scale visibility on social media and establishing thought-leadership among its employees and Ambassadors, to enhance its brand image and perception in the industry.

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Forward-thinking brands foster positive and mutually beneficial relationships with their employees, reaping benefits across all layers of corporate branding and beyond. Leverage the power of your employees to build and strengthen yours.

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