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  1. Koen Stevens

    Share Your Brain: ReBoot edition

    The growing importance of Employer Branding 

    Different experts shared their insights and...

  2. how to boost your employer brand through employee advocacy and employee engagement

    Boost Your Employer Branding with Employee Engagement and Advocacy

    In case you’re not familiar with it, employer branding is the way your company is perceived as a...

  3. employee offboarding

    Employee Offboarding: How to Boost Your Branding

    If you’re treating employee offboarding as an afterthought, you’re most likely hurting your ...

  4. Employer value proposition evp

    How to Develop an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    Just ten years ago, the top concern of any business was getting the sale — the war for customers...

  5. why is employer branding important

    Why Is Employer Branding Important

    In a candidate-driven labor market, the way potential employees perceive you as an employer can...

  6. Employer branding strategy

    7 Tips to Build your Employer Branding Strategy

    As important as the war for each and every customer is today, companies are becoming increasingly...

  7. how to start an advocate community

    4 Steps to Start an Advocate Community

    Building a community is an awesome way to engage your most loyal followers within your company:...