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Ambassify will support you in your advocacy journey through a developing strategic partnership.

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How Barco established automated advocacy

Find out how Ambassify is helping Barco amplify its brand and content through automated distribution.

Thanks to the interest-based content reaching the Ambassadors, Barco has been able to maximize its impact and extend its reach, seeing growing conversion rates and engagement.


How Plutus engages in gamified advocacy

Find out how Plutus is leveraging the power of customer trust and fidelity toward the creation of a highly engaging and gamified community of Ambassadors.


How Helan leverages in-house creativity

Find out how Helan leveraged in-house creativity and input to enhance its employer branding and personalize its Ambassadors' advocacy experience.

How Allianz enhances its employer brand

Find out how Ambassify has enabled Allianz to claim large-scale visibility and establish thought-leadership among its employee-Ambassadors.


Build and establish trust

We put extra care into establishing and growing meaningful connections with our customers and partners to give you reliable and trusted support.


How Unique raised money for De Warmste Week

Find out how Unique launched a community-based talent auction using ad-hoc Ambassify features to raise money for De Warmste Week.

How ACA Group creates a sense of belonging

Find out why ACA Group chose to implement Advocacy, and how Ambassify is helping them generate a feeling of belonging and community among its employees.


How STIHL distributes content to its resellers

Find out how STIHL provide customized content to their resellers and increase engagement among members and partners.

How KBC increases internal engagement

Find out how KBC has been opening up communication with its employee-Ambassadors, collecting actionable feedback, and keeping engagement levels high.