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Discover how OMP engages ambassadors & leverages company pride

Find out how OMP is engaging its employee ambassadors with a variety of content, increasing activation, and leveraging company pride to amplify presence and branding on social media.

Lore Kurrels, Social Media Lead at OMP

1Responding to a real internal need

The need for advocacy originated from the desire to automate already existing processes and a widespread interest among the employees to keep up with the company news. Launching an advocacy program solved both issues.


2Choosing a forward-thinking platform

OMP started comparing Ambassify to their current solution. OMP decided to switch to Ambassify as a tool because it offers more than what they had in their previous solution: the chance to engage the ambassadors and ask for their input and feedback.

3Ensuring widespread adoption

To onboard the platform and ensure adoption, OMP launched a series of company-wide, fun initiatives: communication campaigns, bathroom guerrilla, nomination of the "Ambassador of the month", etc.


Customer chat with Lore from OMP

Find out how OMP is engaging its ambassadors & leveraging internal company pride to amplify branding on social media with a tailored solution.

Engaging ambassadors beyond social sharing

With Ambassify, OMP is able to engage its ambassadors in a variety of ways: they can share content with them, ask for feedback, launch surveys, and co-create content. 

Making the employees' lives easier

Tailored features allow OMP to prepare pre-written messages and tag relevant parties in social share campaigns to help employees share the relevant content on social media. 

Leveraging pride to claim visibility

OMP ambassadors are always proud to share OMP news and accomplishments. Plus, there's an added layer of fun in sharing content thanks to the gamification features.

Lore Kurrels, Social Media Leadt at OMP