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Discover how Renewi scaled its ambassador program

Find out how Renewi is scaling its ambassador program by experimenting with social selling, guiding employees through building their personal brand, raising brand awareness, and expanding reach on social media.

Youri Jozee, Social Media Specialist at Renewi

1Setting up an inspiring content hub

Ambassify was meant to be a place where they could share their most inspiring content and where employees could find the most important news, marketing campaigns, and relevant content and be able to share each on social media. 


2Engaging employees beyond social sharing

They started experimenting with social selling on ProudNewi because we really felt that Ambassify was a very powerful way of sending out all types of communication that has to do with leveraging the power of social media.

3Closing the internal knowledge gap

Renewi has been providing a series of hands-on workshops and trainings for the ambassadors, which has enriched the members’ knowledge of the platform and of social media in general. 


Customer chat with Youri from Renewi

Find out how Renewi is scaling its ambassador program, engaging its employee community beyond traditional social sharing, and enhancing the employees' advocacy efforts on social media.

Providing training to support advocates

Renewi organizes periodic workshops, both for the ProudNewi community and program and for social media in general to support their employees' journey.

Setting up a reward system

Renewi decided to activate set up an employee reward system: members can gain points for completing campaigns and then exchange those points for rewards. 

Enhanced personalization

Ever since they started using Ambassify, they have noticed that employees increasingly add authentic, personal captions to their posts. As a result, they have experienced more reach and awareness in their communication in general.

Youri Jozee, Social Media Specialist at Renewi