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Discover how Actito grows its social media presence by spreading brand awareness

Find out how Actito is connecting its employees to the brand to leverage their presence on social media to grow brand awareness, spread the Actito brand though thought leadership, and expand reach online.

Jonathan Wuurman, VP Marketing

1Connecting employees to the brand

To leverage the fast growth of the company and the pride and dedication of the people within it, Actito wanted to turn its employees into thought leaders and provide them with the right tools to amplify the brand message.



2Educating and motivating employees

They put in a lot of educational work to make sure employees understood the advantages for them should they choose to become ambassadors for the brand. Seeing results come in was truly inspiring for the employees and a big motivator to join the program.

3Growing social media presence in 3 months

After only 3 months, Actito saw a massive uptake in its social media presence: their corporate page is growing 150% monthly, just through advocacy-generated amplification, and achieved social media reach of 500k.


Customer chat with Jonathan from Actito

Find out how Actito is growing its social media presence by connecting employees to the brand, and leveraging their online presence and reach to spread brand awareness.

Incentivising employees

Actito has been rewarding and recognizing employees the right way with different incentives to motivate people to join and be active on the platform.

Spreading awareness through advocacy

Leveraging the authentic brand voice of its ambassadors, Actito has gone from 200 to 1500-2000 views per post in only 3 months.

Tailored support to ensure success

Given that Actito operates in three languages, Amabssify strives to offer the same language variety in our support so that every member of their team is always able to find someone to talk to comfortably.

Jonathan Wuurman, VP Marketing