Best times to post on Instagram for Engagement

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As social media marketing managers, the quest for achieving maximum engagement on customer-centric platforms like Instagram is a never-ending journey. With over a billion users, Instagram provides an enormous opportunity for brands to reach potential customers. But to guarantee that visibility, understanding when exactly to post is crucial. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, timing is indeed everything, especially when it's about capturing your audience's attention. However, there’s an added layer to the solution - Employee Advocacy. 

Firstly, let's talk about the best times to post on Instagram. While there isn't a universal 'best time' applicable to every brand, some general trends indicate peak engagement times. A number of studies suggest weekdays can be particularly effective - specifically, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, around 9 AM or 11 AM. However, It's crucial to understand your specific audience, keeping their time zones and habits in mind. 

Now, let's merge this with Employee Advocacy. Assuming you have an international staff that's diverse and spread across various time zones, their Instagram posting times can supplement your main brand’s posting schedule, covering a broader time frame, and potentially reaching more users. This way, they act as your brand’s micro-influencers, carrying your brand message forward.

Consider informing and encouraging your employees to post during 'off-hours' when your primary brand account isn't active. A shoutout about your brand from an employee during these hours could catch attention, giving a personal touch, bearing high credibility, and likely garnering more engagement.

Encourage your employees to share corporate content, behind-the-scenes look, or even their individual work experiences related to your brand. Their followers, who are much likely to trust their recommendations, can now become familiar with your brand, thereby boosting your reach.

The Employee Advocacy approach needs a well-defined strategy. Create guidelines about what can be posted, how often, and around when. Keep a tab on the post types that get the most engagement - they'll give you a fair idea of what your audience enjoys.

Incentivizing the process could add to the excitement. Recognize the efforts of your employees and appreciate their help in boosting your brand's organic reach and engagement on Instagram. You could turn this into a friendly competition, rewarding the employee whose post gets the most engagement.

Remember, the best times to post on Instagram are a general guideline. Your employees, coming from different backgrounds and having a unique set of followers, could create waves at different times than your brand could. Embrace this diversity and capitalize on different engagement peak times to their fullest - thus revamping your Instagram engagement game, making it stronger and more impactful. 

Harness the power of your employee network, and watch your brand’s presence on Instagram strengthen like never before. Ultimately, combining optimal post timings with your employees' advocacy could be your key to unlocking the highest engagement possible on Instagram.