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How to increase organic reach on Facebook

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In today's digital marketplace, businesses are tirelessly seeking ways to better connect with their audience. As a leading social media platform, Facebook serves as an instrumental tool for big brand marketing managers looking to increase their organic reach. However, increasing this reach presents its own challenges. Securing meaningful engagement from users is hard enough without added algorithm changes and updates. The good news is, there is a method you can implement to extend your reach on Facebook organically: Employee Advocacy.

Employee Advocacy refers to the promotion of an organization by its employees. Adding this strategy to your social media marketing plan can do wonders in maximizing your organic reach on Facebook. Let's delve into how you can use Employee Advocacy to increase your organic reach on Facebook.

1. Encourage Employee Participation

Encourage your employees to engage with your brand's content on Facebook. Each interaction they have with your brand's post, whether it's a “like”, “share”, or a comment, contributes to wider content distribution. Subsequently, the Facebook algorithm will recognize the increased interaction and raise the post's visibility.

2. Turn Employees into Brand Influencers

Your employees can become your brand ambassadors, influencing their friends and followers on Facebook. By sharing, commenting on, or even creating user-generated content (UGC) about your brand, they can raise awareness and extend your reach. Plus, posts shared by employees typically receive more engagement, as they're seen as more authentic and trustworthy.

3. Train Your Staff on Social Media Best Practices

Educate your team on the nuances of engaging social media content. They should know what works for your brand, whether that's interactive posts, sharing personal experiences with the brand, or even creating their own content. This knowledge will help generate dynamic, engaging posts that their followers are more likely to respond to and share.

4. Regularly Provide Sharable Content

Keep your team stocked with a steady stream of sharable content. This could be anything from the latest product launches, customer testimonials, industry news, or fun, behind-the-scenes snaps. Easy access to engaging content makes it simple for employees to regularly share your brand on their platforms.

5. Recognize and Reward Participation

A bit of motivation never hurts. Acknowledge and reward staff who actively participate in advocacy programs. This could be via shout-outs, physical gifts, or something as simple as featuring their posts on your official page. This not only incentivizes them but also promotes a positive brand culture.

6. Implement an Employee Advocacy Platform

To make things seamless, consider leveraging a dedicated Employee Advocacy platform. Tools like Ambassify streamline the process, letting you share content directly with employees and track their engagements. With the right software, you can track analytics, measure your program’s impact, and ensure policy compliance.

7. Monitor and Amplify Success

Finally, keep an eye on your metrics. Use Facebook Insights or other analytical tools to identify which employee-shared posts perform best, then replicate and scale those efforts.

Using an Employee Advocacy strategy will not only help in expanding your brand's organic reach but also boost your brand's authenticity and credibility. Remember, it's your employees who represent the real essence of your brand, and leveraging their voice can substantially reinforce your online presence. Integrating Employee Advocacy into your social media strategy can enhance your Facebook reach and, ultimately, establish a credible brand image in the digital realm.