Strategies to encourage employee-generated content

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In the hyper-connected, digital world we live in, authentic communication is vital. As social media marketing managers, leveraging employee-generated content (EGC) can be the golden ticket for creating that authenticity- a strategy that not only empowers employees but also amplifies your brand.

There's a new pitch in town called 'Employee Advocacy', where your employees become your brand ambassadors. A Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising report highlighted that consumers are more likely to trust content shared by people they know, thus positioning 'Employee Advocacy' as a powerful strategy in the age of social media.

So, if you're searching for strategies to encourage EGC, and ways to weave 'Employee Advocacy' into it, you've come to the right place. Let's dig in.

1. Cultivate a Strong Brand Culture: Any thriving brand has a unique culture that resonates with its employees. Building a strong company culture facilitates employees to express themselves more freely and enhances their interaction with the brand, indirectly encouraging them to create content enthusiastically. Their narratives become more relatable, thereby amplifying brand impact.

2. Equip Your Employees: Employees need to be equipped with the right understanding of company policies, brand guidelines, and the best practices for sharing content online. Regular training sessions or workshops can ensure they are well-versed in procedures and clear on expectations.

3. Reward Participation: Recognition, rewards, or incentives can motivate employees to contribute regularly. These could range from public acknowledgment, small bonuses, or 'top contributor' leaderboards that fuel healthy competition. This not just encourages EGC, but also creates a culture of advocacy, bolstering your brand.

4. Leverage Internal Communication Channels: Existing internal communication systems, like internal newsletters, online forums, or intranet portals, can be excellent platforms to generate employee content. Regular prompts like 'share your story', or 'week in pictures' help in creating fresh, engaging content.

5. Create Dedicated Spaces: Employees may have brilliant ideas but lack the skills to realize them. Creating spaces where they can discuss, collaborate, and craft digital content with the guidance of marketing professionals broadens EGC opportunities. This also fosters a culture of collective learning and advocacy.

6. Encourage Cross-Departmental Content: Content generation need not be restricted to one department. Encouraging employees across all hierarchies and sectors to contribute enables diverse narratives. This also exposes customers to various facets of the brand.

7. Leverage Social Media Platforms: Encourage employees to share their daily work experiences on their social media platforms. This method of Employee Advocacy not only extends your online reach but also humanizes your brand. 

The transformative power of EGC, combined with employee advocacy, opens up an expansive digital landscape. The authenticity it brings forges stronger relationships with customers and enhances brand visibility. By integrating these strategies, social media marketing managers can undoubtedly shift the gears of their campaign to a more engaging, personalized, and impactful one. 

Nothing screams authenticity louder than employees advocating for their own brand. Lean into Employee Advocacy and harness its untapped potential as you usher in a new era of authentic social media marketing.