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Top social media trends in 2023

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As we dive deep into the year 2023, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving social media landscape. If there's anything constant in the world of social media, it's change — and the pace isn't slowing down any time soon.

Firstly, one of the top social media trends this year is a shift towards 'social audio.' The surging popularity of platforms like Clubhouse and LinkedIn's professional live-audio platform are clear indicators that people are keen on creating and consuming content that doesn't require their undivided visual attention - an ideal arena to empower your employees to use their voices and become thought leaders within your industry.

Secondly, the rise of 'shoppable posts.' With major platforms like Instagram, and Facebook moving towards becoming a virtual shopping mall, it offers an excellent opportunity to experiment with different social selling techniques. Employee Advocacy could make a significant impact here as employees sharing brand messages can seamlessly integrate product showcases onto their social networks.

Another trend that's taking over the social media space in 2023 is augmented reality (AR). AR is not just for games and fun filters; platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have introduced various AR shopping features. Leveraging employees to show off products using AR filters could create an authentic and immersive shopping experience for your audience.

Also, let's not forget about 'niche platforms.' As the major platforms continue to face data privacy and algorithm changes, users are drifting toward smaller, niche platforms that offer a more personalized experience. Encouraging employee advocacy on such platforms will create an organic and authentic brand presence.

Furthermore, the lines between 'content creators' and 'influencers' are blurring as more businesses collaborate with their authentic, relatable employees instead of big-name influencers. Capitalizing on the trust your employees share with their own networks opens up new possibilities for brand storytelling like never before.

Lastly, 'sustainability' is trending like never before. More consumers expect brands to be socially responsible and are turning to social media for 'behind-the-scenes' proof of sustainability efforts. Encouraging employee advocacy in these areas not only boosts your brand's credibility but can also connect with your audiences in a more meaningful way.

Aside from these trends, maintaining an evolved and robust content strategy is crucial. This includes search engine optimized content to increase your brands' visibility, following Google's latest algorithm updates and using the right keywords to help your target audience find your brand easily. 

Employee Advocacy can significantly improve your SEO efforts as this content garners more engagement, shares, and comments - having a positive effect on your brand's search engine ranking. It also means you'll have unique, user-generated content from different voices and perspectives - a gold mine for creating authentic, relatable, and engaging content that can support your SEO endeavors.

In conclusion, 2023 is set to bring about significant changes to how brands use social media. Finding new ways to innovate and incorporate employee advocacy into these trends can not only help you keep up but will put you at the front of the pack. It's time to invest in your employees, these internal brand ambassadors are ready and willing to tell your brand stories, and the world of social media in 2023 is ready to listen.