Techniques to increase YouTube subscribers

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In a world where digital consumers watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day, getting your brand’s voice heard above the daily noise is of utmost importance. The pressure to increase YouTube subscribers is real; achieving this milestone requires a strategic approach. Here, we'll delve into some potent techniques to boost your YouTube subscription numbers, with a special emphasis on the power of Employee Advocacy. 

1. Creating Distinct, Engaging Content:

Start by developing distinct, engaging content that resonates with your targeted audience. The power of your content to capture and hold attention, provoke thought, entertain, or stir emotions is what determines your subscription success. 

2. Consistency is Key:

Consistent content posting not only sustains subscriber engagement but also builds brand credibility by showing your commitment. By developing an unwavering posting schedule, your subscribers will know when to check back in for updates, thus increasing your channel's visibility.

3. Leverage Call-to-Actions (CTAs):

Give your viewers a clear, specific action to complete after watching your videos. Typically, this would be a gentle directive to hit the subscribe button or share the video. Embedding these CTAs contextually can significantly enhance your subscriber count.

4. Thumbnails and Headlines Matter:

Your video's thumbnail and headline give the first impression of what viewers stand to gain. Make it exciting, relevant, and, importantly, truthful. A misleading headline may draw viewers in, but it'll also increase your bounce rates and harm your brand reputation. 

5. Employee Advocacy:

Do not overlook the potential goldmine that resides in your workforce. An Employee Advocacy program promotes your brand via your employees' social media platforms. Instead of the brand doing all the talking, the employees become willing advocates. Employee-created content comes across as more trustworthy and personal, leading to higher engagement rates. Encouraging employees to share your YouTube videos or even have them featured in one can significantly increase your digital footprint, visibility and, consequently, subscribers. 

Implementing an Employee Advocacy program, however, shouldn't just be about pushing your videos out there. Provide your employees with exciting, valuable content they'd be proud to share. Take the time to train them on how to properly share and promote the videos, giving them a clear understanding of what is acceptable and what's not.

6. Collaborations and Partnerships:

The more, the merrier. By partnering with other brands, influencers or YouTube accounts, you can tap into their audience base and vice versa. Just ensure that the partnership is mutually beneficial, and your brand values align. 

While these techniques seem straightforward, their execution isn't always easy. It involves a lot of trial and error, keeping up with trends, and understanding the changing dynamics of consumer behavior. Achieving success on YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistently improve your strategies, and remember that your employees can be your most effective, trusted advocates. 

In conclusion, generating more YouTube subscribers goes beyond simply asking people to subscribe. It must be a part of a broader YouTube strategy that creates contagious, shareable content. With authentic Employee Advocacy, skilful SEO, smart collaborations, and consistent posting schedules, achieving your subscription goals is well within reach.