How to get employees excited about your brand mission

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In this blog post, we will take a profound dive into how to get employees excited about your brand mission for a successful employee advocacy campaign. 

When it comes to spreading the word about your brand, there's a secret weapon you might have overlooked - your employees. Your team members can act as powerful advocates, aligning their networks for your brand's cause, and sparking genuine interest among potential customers or clients. However, for this to happen, your employees need to feel inspired by and connected to your brand mission. But how to make that happen? 

1. Articulate a Clear and Inspiring Brand Mission

The first step to motivate your employees and direct their enthusiasm towards your cause involves articulating a clear, compelling, and inspiring brand mission. Your mission should go beyond simple profit-making; it should represent a greater purpose that your employees can believe in and get behind. If your employees can connect your mission with a positive change in the world, they are much more likely to be excited about it and promote it within their networks.

2. Communicate Regularly and Transparently 

Communication is the lifeblood of employee advocacy. Keep your employees updated about your brand's progress, new developments, hurdles overcome, and goals met. Use newsletters, social media, team meetings, and individual chats to update them and remind them of the broader picture - that every little success is a step towards accomplishing the mission they're advocating for.

3. Incorporate Your Mission Into Daily Work

For your employees to truly be excited about your brand’s mission, it should be part of their day-to-day work. Connect tasks, events, and interactions back to your mission. By demonstrating the practical implementation of your mission in everyday tasks, you not only reinforce its importance but also highlight its relevance.

4. Recognize and Reward Employee Advocacy

Rewarding your employees for their advocacy efforts is a great motivator. Recognize the efforts of those who go above and beyond to promote your brand's mission. Simple gestures of acknowledgment, public praise, or small gifts can effectively reinforce desired behaviors and encourage more advocacy among your team.

5. Empower Employees With Relevant Tools

Providing tools that make it easy for employees to share your brand content can significantly boost your advocacy efforts. Use employee advocacy platforms or social share buttons embedded in your newsletters or on your blog. The easier it is for them to share, the more likely they will.

6. Develop an Employee Advocacy Program 

A structured Employee Advocacy Program provides guidelines, expectations, and resources that streamline advocacy efforts. It creates an environment where advocating for your brand is a natural extension of the work culture, instead of an additional task for your employees. It also serves as a clear get-go signal for employees who might hesitate to publicly advocate your brand.

Your employees are not just workers, but potential brand ambassadors who can truly propel your brand towards its mission. Remember, for them to get excited about your mission, they need to feel a genuine connection with it and see the effects of their daily work towards achieving it. Coupled with rewards for advocacy, relevant tools, and a comprehensive Employee Advocacy Program, these strategies will ensure your employees become passionate supporters and promoters of your brand's mission.