How to Stimulate Employees to Share Company Content

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As social media marketing managers, one of the key steps in effectively dissolving your content into the wider digital landscape is to stimulate your employees to share company content. This strategy not only raises brand visibility but also provides authenticity consumers crave in a highly digital world. 

Your employees are your first natural brand ambassadors. They work for the company, they believe in its mission and values, and they’re already engaged with the brand at a deeper level. Therefore, turning to employee advocacy is a natural next step in your social media marketing efforts. Ultimately, encouraging employees to share and engage with your brand’s digital content offers invaluable organic reach and credibility.

So, how exactly can you stimulate employees to share company content and enhance your brand’s digital footprint? Let’s dive in and explore tangible ways to motivate your employees. 

1. Create Shareable Content: The first step is to create content that your employees would be proud to share. Keep it interesting, relevant, and appealing. By blending company updates, industry insights, or thought leadership pieces, you can provide content that resonates with different employees. Remember, ensure your content delivers value to make sharing feel less like a corporate duty and more like a beneficial act for their personal networks.

2. Show Them The Benefits: Do your employees understand the importance their shares can have on the company's social media presence and overall brand perception? Make sure to communicate the impact of their actions. Show them that their shares lead to more traffic, raised awareness, cultivated leads, and potentially, more customers. 

3. Provide Incentives: A great way to stimulate employees to share your content is by making it rewarding. Incentives can be a powerful motivational tool. Running a monthly contest for the best content sharer or offering several types of rewards can increase participation.

4. Embrace Adequate Training: Many employees might abstain from sharing simply because they don’t know how. Demystify the process by providing training sessions on how to share and engage with your brand’s digital content. Show them how to share in a way that adds value to their personal digital presence.

5. Leverage The Right Tools: Employee advocacy platforms such as Ambassify streamline the process of sharing content. The right tool can make it as simple as a click of a button – taking care of the posting schedule, following brand guidelines, and reaching the wider network.

6. Recognition Matters: Recognize the employees that share and engage with your digital content. Employee of the Month strategies can include recognition for active brand ambassadors. This not only gives credit where it is deserved but also motivates other employees to follow suit.

In conclusion, remember authenticity is key. Forcing or pressuring employees to share company content may backfire. Instead, nurturing a corporate culture where sharing becomes a natural extension can magnify your brand voice authentically. It is about creating an environment of intrinsic motivation where employees want to showcase their involvement with your brand. Incorporating these strategies will not only help to stimulate employee engagement but also essentially plant numerous seeds of growth for your brand’s digital footprint.