Benefits of cross-promotion between social platforms

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In today's rapidly evolving digital world, social media platforms have become the lifeblood for businesses in terms of audience interaction, online visibility, and brand development. One of the most effective strategies for social media marketing managers at big brands is cross-promotion between various social platforms. This strategy is not just about merely reposting content from one platform onto another; it's about strategically leveraging content to enhance overall brand reach, engage different segments of the audience and increase traffic.

One of the most significant benefits of cross-promotion is its ability to expand your brand's reach. Every social media platform offers different organic reach potential to interact with unique segments of demographics. Sharing tailored content across multiple platforms allows you to reach a more varied demographic, scaling your brand visibility and engagement rate. For instance, a video on YouTube can be reformatted into a brief teaser for Instagram, or an infographic for Pinterest. This way, you ensure that your audience gets a chance to engage with your brand, irrespective of the platform they prefer.

Cross-promotion also significantly increases traffic to your website or blog. By strategizing and linking back to your webpage from your promotional posts on your social media platforms, you create a pathway for your audience to visit your website, improving your website's traffic and the likelihood of conversions.

However, the benefits of cross-promotion become even more substantial when you add an Employee Advocacy twist to it, becoming an effective strategy for driving awareness, trust, and engagement.

When employees share content about their workplace on their personal social media platforms, they amplify the brand's message in a more credible and authentic way, thus adding increased trust value to your brand's narrative. According to Edelman's Trust Barometer, employees are trusted 3x more than CEOs when it comes to talking about working conditions in a company. This trust then reflects positively not only among their personal networks but also in the broader realm of potential consumers and job seekers.

Moreover, Employee Advocacy can significantly boost your brand's organic reach and cut through the noise on cluttered news feeds. Given the algorithms of social media platforms, content shared by individuals tends to get more visibility compared to that shared by brands. Having employees as brand ambassadors on multiple platforms allows for increased reach and engagement, beyond the usual demographic and into their individual networks.

Most importantly, Employee Advocacy reinforces company culture and enhances overall brand reputation. When employees take to social platforms to share their positive experiences, achievements, or behind-the-scenes stories, it humanizes the brand, fostering a positive brand image - which can be a potent tool in attracting prospects and retaining valuable talent.

In conclusion, cross-promotion across multiple platforms is a must-have in your social media strategy arsenal. To reach wider audiences, increase website traffic, foster engagement, and enhance your brand's reputation. However, bringing Employee Advocacy into the equation multiplies these benefits, making it an undeniable force for social media marketing managers aiming for meaningful and impactful brand narratives. So, start encouraging cross-promotion and employee advocacy in your strategy and propel your brand to new heights.