Why Your Business Needs An Employee Advocacy Program

productivity and engagement

Employee advocacy boosts workplace productivity & engagement

social media reach

It can boost your social media reach & engagement 8X

a face to relate to

Your brand gets a face a potential customer can relate to

double your sales

12% increase in employee advocacy can double your sales

industry thought leaders

It positions your employees as industry thought leaders

new talent

Attracting and hiring new talent becomes much easier

Rewarding Your Employee Brand Advocates
Rewarding Your Employee Brand Advocates

Coordinating Employee Advocacy Activities & Rewarding Your Employee Brand Advocates Can Be Streamlined With Ambassify!

Do you feel that your employees are not motivated?

That they are not doing everything they can to bring in new business and promote the brand?

It’s possible - there are people skating by in every organization.

But, did you ask yourself what you are doing to incentivize employees to go out and preach the company gospel?

Do you have procedures in place which enable you to turn a regular employee into a super-charged employee advocate with ease?

Your employees can be turned into an inexhaustible spring of new leads, sales, and increased revenue.

They are your ideal brand ambassadors - knowledgeable about the company, invested in its growth, and potentially very passionate about what you do.

However, employee advocacy doesn’t just ‘happen’ - it depends on a series of conscious decisions and processes implemented by the company.

Ambassify makes those processes streamlined and efficient, formalizing your employee advocacy efforts and allowing you to quickly and effortlessly turn your employees into brand evangelists!

ideal brand ambassadors
Leads obtained through employee advocacy

Leads obtained through employee advocacy activities convert 7X more readily than other leads.

10 times more social connections

On average, employees have 10X more social connections than a brand.

shared by employee advocates

Social media messages get re-shared 24X more if shared by employee advocates than if shared by the brand itself.

If you want to stop spending ridiculous amounts of money on paid promotion, you absolutely need to formalize your employee advocacy program.


Because it works, it’s easy to implement, and it costs a fraction what you’re spending now on (failed) advertising.

Within a year, you will be able to slowly phase out other advertising channels, spending as little as possible on them, because your employee brand advocates will be doing all of the work for you - for free!

Employee advocacy can help you save money in other departments by

Lowering your in-house HR costs

Eliminating the need for recruiting agencies

Lowering your PR costs

Empowering employees to manage crisis situations

Ambassify Your Employee Advocacy Program & Get Instant Results

Increase workplace productivity through employee advocacy
Ambassify makes it easy to reward your employee advocates for their actions. Employees in one department can potentially pool their points and exchange them for a team-building trip. This way, you foster healthy in-house competition and keep your employees engaged - and engaged employees are 38% more productive!

Boost your social media reach and engagement
Whenever you publish a new social media snippet or a blog post, use Ambassify to easily notify your employees. Remind them to like, share, and interact with your content because they have the ability to reach potential customers that are unreachable through official brand channels - 90% of people your employee advocates reach on social will be hearing about your brand for the first time!

Deal with negative comments and reviews
6 out of every 10 employees will go out of their way to defend their employer on social media sites. Using Ambassify’s features, you can set up regular reputation management campaigns and boost that number even higher.

Increase sales with a minimal investment in employee advocacy
Every Ambassify campaign can be tracked and measured; sliced and analyzed. After running just a few, the ROI will become clear - increase your employee advocacy (participants and activities) by just 12%, and you could easily see your sales double!

Position your employees as thought leaders
Running content creation campaigns is easy with Ambassify. Just assign a topic and instructions (or ask employees to freestyle it), and watch content pour in. Distribute that content over social channels, using other advocates to share it, and your employees will become industry hotshots in just a few short campaigns. Not only will this boost your credibility with customers, it will also make other people in the industry sit up and take notice, potentially resulting in the expansion of your talent pool at minimal cost.

Are you prepared to invest in a marketing strategy that will finally bring in the results you are looking for and need?

Then it’s time to tap into your company’s lifeblood - your employees - and activate them so they can show you the stuff they are made of. More engagements, more visibility, cheaper leads, and extra revenue streams - all rolled into one package called employee advocacy. Just dare to make that first step and we will take care of the rest!

Don’t worry - starting an employee advocacy program is easy with Ambassify. Actually, we’ve made it our mission to make it easy. That’s why we’ve created this detailed Guide to Employee Advocacy. Learn how to motivate your employees, set goals, and reward actions, and your days of paying an arm and a leg for qualified leads will be behind you!