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Real-life sustainability-related examples

Get inspired by a few of our customers' most creative and successful campaigns centered around sustainability and social responsibility.

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Find inspiration in our customers' best sustainability-aimed campaign examples

Involve your employees in your social responsibility and sustainability strategy and achieve your goals faster by raising awareness and generating engagement.

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Sodexo raised awareness about a company initiative

Sodexo appealed to its employees to spread the news about a climate action the company took part in. Employees were asked to share an article about the event and encouraged to sign up for other events.

ACA Group took concrete action with its team

ACA Group let its employees choose the initiative they'd support during De Warmste Week. The Warmathon won, so they put together a group to run the marathon. Then, they donated money in support of the cause.



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Group 14

Unique involved its people in a common cause

In honor of De Warmste Week they organized a company-wide talent auction. Employees could first auction their talents and then bid on their colleagues’. The money raised was donated towards social inclusion.


Sodexo promoted sustainable initiatives

To promote WasteLess Week, Sodexo shared with its employees some tips and tricks on how to decrease digital and electronic waste, all collected in a document attached to the campaign.

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