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Westlake Chemical is a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of chemicals and building products. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company operates in several countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, China, and Mexico. With a diverse range of clients, Westlake Chemical caters to various industries such as packaging, automotive, construction, and consumer goods.

Before: The Challenges of Social Media Marketing

On social media, Westlake Chemical has successfully implemented a number of strategies that contribute to its overall brand presence and engagement with its audience. Firstly, the company consistently shares valuable and informative content related to its products and services. This includes educational articles, videos, and infographics that not only promote their offerings but also provide industry insights and tips to their clients.

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After: Westlake Chemical's Successful Social Media Strategy

Secondly, Westlake Chemical actively engages with its audience by responding promptly to comments, inquiries, and feedback on social media platforms. By being responsive and attentive, the company demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and building strong relationships with its clients. They also make use of user-generated content, sharing posts and stories from customers, which not only strengthens the bond with existing clients but also attracts potential customers who feel inspired by the positive experiences of others.


Furthermore, Westlake Chemical makes use of visual content to enhance its social media presence. They regularly share visually appealing images and videos showcasing their products in action, manufacturing processes, and sustainability initiatives. By leveraging the power of visuals, they effectively capture the attention of their target audience and communicate their key messages in an engaging and memorable way.

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