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Peabody Energy is a global energy company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. With operations in the United States, Australia, and several other countries, Peabody Energy primarily serves clients in the coal industry. As a leading provider of coal products, the company's social media marketing strategy plays a crucial role in engaging with stakeholders and promoting their products.

Before: The Challenges of Social Media Marketing

Peabody Energy has successfully utilized social media to convey their commitment towards sustainability and responsible mining practices. Through their platforms, the company shares valuable content related to environmental stewardship, renewable energy, and community engagement. By demonstrating their dedication to sustainable practices, Peabody Energy effectively connects with environmentally-conscious audiences and showcases themselves as an industry leader in responsible energy production.

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After: Peabody Energy's Successful Social Media Strategy

Moreover, Peabody Energy actively engages with their audience on social media platforms. They promptly respond to customer inquiries, concerns, and comments, showcasing a commitment to customer satisfaction. This two-way communication approach fosters trust and loyalty among the audience, strengthening the company's reputation and brand image.


While Peabody Energy has implemented several commendable strategies, there is room for improvement in their social media marketing approach. Firstly, diversifying their content could be beneficial. Incorporating more visually appealing and interactive content, such as infographics or videos, can better captivate their audience and increase engagement. Additionally, expanding their social media presence to other platforms, such as Instagram or LinkedIn, would allow them to reach a broader audience and connect with industry professionals.

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