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American Power Conversion (APC) is a leading global provider of power and cooling systems for critical IT equipment. With headquarters in West Kingston, Rhode Island, APC serves clients across various industries and sectors, including technology, finance, healthcare, and government. Their products and services are available in over 150 countries, making them a truly international company.

Before: The Challenges of Social Media Marketing

On social media, APC has successfully leveraged various platforms to engage with its target audience and build a strong online presence. One of the key strengths of their social media marketing strategy is their focus on educational content. APC regularly shares informative articles, videos, and infographics that provide valuable insights into power management, data center efficiency, and emerging technologies. By offering educational resources, APC positions itself as a reliable source of knowledge and expertise in the industry.

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After: American Power Conversion's Successful Social Media Strategy

Another commendable aspect of APC's social media strategy is their active engagement with their audience. They promptly respond to customer inquiries, concerns, and feedback on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This helps to build trust and strengthens the bond between APC and its customers. Additionally, APC encourages user-generated content by hosting contests, encouraging customers to share their experiences, and showcasing their success stories. This not only boosts customer engagement but also serves as valuable social proof for potential clients.


While APC has made significant strides in their social media marketing efforts, there is still room for improvement. Firstly, APC could enhance their content diversity by exploring different types of media such as podcasts or live streams. This would keep their social media presence dynamic and appeal to a wider audience. Secondly, they could consider increasing their frequency of posts to maintain a consistent online presence. This would help to keep followers engaged and ensure that they are regularly exposed to APC's brand and offerings. Lastly, APC could benefit from a more targeted approach by tailoring their content to specific segments of their audience. This could involve creating content specifically for different industries or addressing the pain points of different customer personas.

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