Discover the benefits of using a brand advocacy platform

Spend Less Money
on Advertising

Social Media

Get Insights Into Your
Advocacy Program(s)

Reward Your
Brand Advocates

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Identify and Recruit Your Customers, Employees and Fans as Your Best Advocates

Ambassify makes it a breeze to identify and recruit your best advocates. Invite them to join your advocate community where they connect their social media profiles and start building your brand advocacy platform.

They are now ready to spread your message to their network, big or small…

Identify your super fans

Invite them to become member of your branded community

Easily segment them in relevant groups

Customer Advocacy Employee Advocacy

Challenge Your Advocates
and Dominate Social Media

Share engaging content with your advocates on a
regular basis and challenge them to participate in the

You can use over 20 different campaign types for your
advocates to complete, and set rewards for each
finished campaign.

Increase your reach

Dominate social media

Save money on advertising

Reward Your Advocates
For Everything They Do

Reward points to the advocates who complete your
campaigns, and tie points to rewards they can redeem.

The built-in leaderboard shows the score of each
individual advocate and drives competition between
them. This makes your advocates community a fun and
engaging place to hang out.

Incentivize your advocates

Fun and Engaging

Stimulate competition

Track and Measure Results

Monitor and analyze the results of your advocacy
program. The analytics module shows you an exact
breakdown of each and every campaign.

See the impact on traffic and conversions.