Press Release: Ambassify Raises €2M to Reinvent Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement platform Ambassify has raised €2 million in funding. The company’s strong growth over the past years, combined with positive financial results, attracted a lot of attention from investors. Ambassify will use the funding to further reinvent employee engagement, solidify its market position and invest in its staff.

Founders of Ambassify scale up who raised €2m in funding

Belgium, 23 March 2021. Employee advocacy & engagement platform Ambassify has raised €2 million in funding.

The company's strong growth over the past years, combined with positive financial results, attracted much attention from investors. Ambassify will use the funding to further reinvent employee engagement, solidify its market position and invest in its staff.

Among the investors are institutions such as investment company LRM, ING Bank, the Flemish Department for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, as well as multiple angel investors such as Jean-Marie Vliegen (ex-CFO P&G and board member of Ambassify). Their investments are a mix of equity, subordinated debt, and subsidies.

“We strongly believe in the potential of Ambassify. They have set a strong track record from the past few years and distinguished themselves from the competition by offering an interactive platform that brings employees closer together. With this investment, we are giving the company the opportunity to grow and expand.” — Koen Walbers, Investment Manager of LRM

Employee engagement at the forefront during the pandemic

Employees often are the most underrated marketing resource within a company. As an increasing number of businesses are starting to understand the importance of employee engagement, it is no surprise that Ambassify is attracting attention from investors. With the advent of the Coronavirus crisis and the rise in homeworking, the distance between companies and their employees increased significantly. They, therefore, often look for platforms through which they can fully engage their employees in marketing campaigns, employer branding, and HR policy.

This is clear if one takes a look at Ambassify's growing number of clients and users, as well as an increase in revenue. The company saw its revenue double and its staff grow by 35% over the past year. Among new clients are Swiss Life Group, UCB, and BNP Paribas Fortis.

“Ambassify solidified its position as the leading enterprise tool for employee engagement — offering a full suite of solutions, tools and dashboards. We offer employers an efficient way to tap into the marketing potential of their employees.”  — Koen Stevens, CEO of Ambassify

How Ambassify is reinventing employee engagement

Ambassify is happy with the funding round and is set on further developing the platform to reinvent employee engagement. Over the coming years, the company wants to claim the number one spot as the smartest and most complete platform for employee engagement. To achieve this, the company works with behavioral design and machine learning specialists to create the best and smartest user experience while decreasing the load on the community managers as well.

Most companies in the employee engagement space are very much focused on 'push' communication alone, using their employees to share their company messaging. While this can work very well, due to social share fatigue, it is important to offer a wide range of variations in your two-way marketing and HR campaigns: Ambassify does exactly that, giving employees a real voice and building company culture.

"The employees of our customers can come up with their own ideas to improve business processes through polls, surveys, and ideation campaigns," explains Koen Stevens. "Others are using our platform to provide internal notifications and multimedia content to the right people at the right time. For example, the CEO of JBC shares a weekly video with all employees through Ambassify, and KBC uses our platform to let their employees decide which TV ad variant is the strongest. It's extremely fulfilling to see what our customers can come up with in these communities and the measurable value it drives for their business."

Ambassify leads by example by letting their own employees also make business process suggestions — like, for instance, team meeting formats or team meetups— through the Ambassify platform.

"With everyone working remotely today, we are even letting our employees pick our new office locations for later this year," says Koen Stevens, CEO of Ambassify.

What the future holds: acceleration of go-to-market strategy & hiring

Ambassify experienced strong growth over the past years. The company invested heavily in its staff and increased its turnover. The positive financial results further stimulated growth and attracted new investors. The funding will be mostly put towards accelerating growth and expanding the staff.

"We are extremely pleased to get the confidence of our investors once again to hit the next company milestones. The European employee engagement market is growing swiftly, and it is important for us to take up our role in the ecosystem. We are in 15 countries now and will use the funds to accelerate our go-to-market strategy and hiring plan further." — Koen Stevens, CEO of Ambassify.

About Ambassify

Ambassify is a SaaS platform that enables customers to generate meaningful engagement with their employees, build their employer brand, and generate real business results.

Ambassify's intelligent behavior-based methodology identifies and activates the best brand ambassadors and helps brands to build lasting relationships. Companies such as KBC, KPMG, Toyota, Swiss Life, Bayer, and Sodexo rely on Ambassify to power their Employee Engagement and Employer Branding strategies and see up to x20 their investment.

Ambassify is, therefore, widely regarded as the smartest and most complete employee engagement platform on the market. The company is active in more than 15 countries across Europe, with customers in the US and Canada.

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