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Ambassify is the leading Employee Advocacy platform to tap into the potential of your employee community, amplify brand visibility & reach, and optimize social media content distribution.

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Grow your brand, gain credibility and amplify your efforts through employee advocacy



Increase brand visibility and expand reach

Scale your marketing efforts by leveraging the authentic voice of your employees on social media. Reach a whole new audience and claim large-scale visibility for your brand by leveraging your team's networks.


Grow an employee community & build culture

Build a trusted community of employees and empower your teams to become your ambassadors and collaborators, while you nurture a strong internal culture with the most complete advocacy software.

Key benefits

Why is Ambassify the leading employee
advocacy platform?


Intuitive & easy to use

Easy access via desktop & mobile app, user-friendly interface, and intuitive onboarding for users of all levels.


Community centered

Go beyond social sharing and focus on engagement and collaboration to enhance advocacy and build trust.


Best customer support

Our Customer Success team guides you every step of the way, from strategy to onboarding and beyond.


Extensive reporting

Report on key advocacy metrics such as ROI, reach, activation, and launch & track affiliate link conversions.


Customized environment

White-label your community & access the largest variety of features, including custom forms and surveys and tabs to organize your content.


AI content assistant

Overcome your creative slump with AI-powered campaign suggestions and automatic translations.

Ambassify stands out for its advanced features and for its user experience-focused approach backed up by an exceptional team.
Mäité Scorey. Product Marketer at Actito
Mäité Scorey
Product Marketer

Customer stories

How leading companies work with Ambassify

Allianz customer story

Enhance branding through connectivity & pride

Allianz wields connectivity and internal pride to enhance its corporate branding and claim large-scale visibility.


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Automate distribution & amplify reach

Barco amplifies its brand and content through automated content distribution, to maximize impact and extend reach.


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Increase Internal Engagement & boost branding

KBC focuses on both social share and internal engagement with a combination of push & pull campaigns.


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Use cases

Activate your employees and experience the power of social media advocacy

Social Media Marketing

Amplify your content marketing efforts and scale your messaging on social media

Build a trusted team of ambassadors and unlock the power of their social media network.

  • Amplify your marketing efforts
  • Distribute your content on a large scale
  • Promote events through employee networks
  • Track conversions and advocacy-generated traffic

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Dealer Advocacy

Amplify reach and grow your brand through your dealer network

Centralize communication and tap into the network of your dealers.

  • Unify branding & messaging across channels
  • Enhance social media presence
  • Expand reach by tapping into your dealer network
  • Solidify relationships with dealers
  • Track dealer activity and performance

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Employer Branding

Leverage the authentic voice of your employees to drive Employer Branding

Redefine the way you curate and promote your Employer Brand with Ambassify.

  • Leverage the authentic voice of your employees
  • Humanize your branding
  • Easily share recruitment campaigns
  • Access a fresh pool of talent

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Build a culture of sustainability through advocacy and track sustainability metrics

Rely on Employee Advocacy as a tool to stimulate sustainable engagement and commitment among employees.

  • Involve employees in your sustainable transformation
  • Track key sustainability metrics
  • Build a culture of sustainability

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Corporate Branding

Boost your brand communication and strengthen your image on the market

Become top of mind in your sector by growing your brand in a cost-effective manner.

  • Tap into the established and trusted network of your employees
  • Scale and unify your branding
  • Streamline curated & pre-approved branded content
  • raise credibility and authenticity to become a top-of-mind brand
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A versatile, community-focused platform

What do you like best about Ambassify?

Something I found very appealing right from the start is...

What do you like best about Ambassify?

Something I found very appealing right from the start is Ambassifys flexibility regarding our customization needs, including element removal, workflow adaptation, interface adaptations, and white-label options. That allows us to build future-proof solutions that grow with our audience. Another strength of the platform is the organization of content based on stackable filter criteria or definable groupings. With its customized UTM tracking, custom member fields, and exportable reports, Ambassify helps us regularly dig deeper and get valuable, segmented usage insights. The in-built, filter-based emailer makes it extremely easy to reach target groups based both on custom and manual triggers. Last, the fact that Ambassify is available both on mobile and desktop takes into account the different usage preferences among (our) target age groups.

What problems is Ambassify solving and how is that benefiting you?

Given that we have currently deployed customized Ambassify instances in all our subsidaries, Ambassify continues to be a robust platform to both amplify our own content as well as to allow its users to co-create. While our decentralized content distribution within an easy-to-use environment continues to be among our primary goals, Ambassify offers various options to gamify the user experience and to focus even more on content co-creation and community activation.

Ambassify is a super app!

What do you like best about Ambassify?

At Ambassify, I like simplicity and intuitiveness. It is...

What do you like best about Ambassify?

At Ambassify, I like simplicity and intuitiveness. It is straightforward to add new ambassadors, introduce further information, and share it. The most significant advantage of using Ambassify is the time you spend as an ambassador/user. You need a moment and have the task done. The administrator has a little more work, but it is pleasant.

What problems is Ambassify solving and how is that benefiting you?

Ambassify helps manage the community and provides content that employees can share on social media. Ambassify builds a community within the company and shows employees who identify with the company. This is a win-win situation for both parties. An employee builds his strong personal brand in social media because it shows well what good his company does for customers. And the company has a trusted source of good information that is directed to the employee's family and friends.

A nice partnership

What do you like best about Ambassify?

Ambassify created a series of automation for us that allows...

What do you like best about Ambassify?

Ambassify created a series of automation for us that allows us to automate the process of content distribution. We don’t have an extensive communication team behind it, so it was essential to have this full implementation automated. Ambassify also makes it possible for us to reuse and recycle the content that we have to spread as much as possible on different channels and impact more people.

On a practical level, the platform is also straightforward to use and user-friendly – it really takes a couple of clicks for Ambassadors to share content, and that’s very important for us because we don’t want to make it troublesome to share our news.

What problems is Ambassify solving and how is that benefiting you?

Barco produces a lot of content used for the newsletters and the website, but that wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to find a way spread our content also outside our website and use the networks of our employees and colleagues to get the word out, distribute our content more and more and make as significant an impact as possible. Ambassify made this possible because of its automated RSS feed that connects the Barco newsroom to the inboxes of our Ambassadors, automatically delivering the content they are interested in for them to share. If you look at the engagement and conversion of the Ambassify posts, you can see that Ambassify posts score better than organic posts.

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