Going Green: How Companies Can Lead the Charge in Climate Care

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Climate change is a most pressing issue in our world today, we know that. But how can we lead change? Companies and governments have a big part to play in this: from transforming their businesses to face the challenges of the future to being leaders in the regeneration process. Here's how companies can take small and big steps to inv

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues our planet is facing today. The impact of human activities on the environment has led to severe consequences such as global warming, rising sea levels, and more frequent natural disasters. As a result, there is an overwhelming urgency for the whole planet to make climate care an essential aspect of modern-day life. This impact individuals, of course, but it is businesses and governments who have a predominantly big part to play in taking actions to move toward regeneration.

Companies leading sustainable change

Companies will have to lead the way in the world's sustainable transformation. By implementing sustainable practices and engaging their communities, companies have the power of helping reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

There are an enormous amount of actions companies and their workforces can take to make an impact, transform their businesses from the inside out — rethinking and restructuring their processes, and keep doing what they do in a more sustainable way, bringing sustainability in every department of the organization and think of new ways to be profitable with their business in the future, for example. At the same time, there are several low-threshold actions that also make a difference — switching to energy-efficient lighting, banning harmful products and single-use plastics from their production processes and suppliers, etc. These practices not only reduce the company's impact on the environment but can also save money in the long run.

Nevertheless, it is of crucial importance for companies to also involve their workforce in their sustainable commitment. The reason why is simple: employees can help amplifying the company's efforts, contribute to their actions, raise company-wide actions to stimulate sustainable behavior and habits, and ultimately drive positive change within organizations. Involvement does not look the same for every company or every employee: but that is why individual as well as large-scale buy-in are so crucial for the overall success and thriving of the organization.

What actions can you take to involve your employees?

There's a long list of actions that companies can take, ranging from low-threshold initiatives that generate engagement and motivation to be part of the change, to high-commitment ones that really move the needle when it comes to achieving SDGs:

  • Organizing community events. Think of beach or riverbanks cleanups or tree-planting challenges.
  • Partnering with local environmental organizations.
  • Philanthropy. This could look like a steady donation flow or a one-time donation in support of environmentally conscious causes. 
  • Volunteering hours. Corporate volunteering is a nice way to encourage people to take some time to make a small gesture, a small difference to help the planet. And if they can do it during working hours, even better for them!
  • The list is still long here, think about activities and initiatives that fit in with your company culture, and make them your own.

How Ambassify can help 

It's also essential for companies to track their climate care efforts and campaigns to ensure that they're making progress toward the achievement of their SDGs. This is where Ambassify comes in.

Ambassify provides a digital environment where companies can track their climate care goals, actions, campaigns, and activities. It also allows companies to engage their employees in these campaigns by transparently communicating with them about their commitment and their strategy to achieve their goals. With gamification features like point leaderboards, Ambassify makes it fun and engaging for employees to participate in climate care campaigns and easy to track the progress of those campaigns.

In fact, check out this specific case where we describe how we helped one of our clients to achieve their sustainability goals through Ambassify’s digital environment! 

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On a personal level

Caring for the climate is not only the responsibility of companies and large corporations. By implementing sustainable practices in our day-to-day lives, we as individuals can also make a significant environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

So what can you do to care for the environment and climate in your own life? Here are a few pointers:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by walking or biking instead of driving or by reducing your energy consumption at home.
  • Conserve water by fixing leaks and reducing your usage wherever possible.
  • Use reusable products such as bags, water bottles, and containers to reduce waste.
  • Support environmentally conscious causes and organizations.
  • Educate yourself and others about the importance of climate care.

Climate care is a critical issue facing our planet today, and everyone has an essential role to play in caring for the environment and reducing the damage inflicted on our climate. By implementing sustainable practices and engaging communities, companies can contribute to a more sustainable future. On the other hand, all community members themselves can lend a hand on an individual level to engage in climate care. 

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