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Enhabit is a dynamic company that focuses on providing sustainable and energy-efficient home solutions to clients. With its headquarters located in Portland, Oregon, Enhabit primarily caters to clients in the United States and Canada. As a forward-thinking organization, Enhabit understands the importance of utilizing social media platforms to effectively engage with its target audience.

Before: The Challenges of Social Media Marketing

Enhabit has implemented some commendable strategies in its social media marketing approach. Firstly, they consistently create and share valuable and informative content related to energy efficiency, sustainable living, and home improvement. This not only positions Enhabit as an industry leader but also helps educate and engage their followers on important topics. Additionally, they actively collaborate with influencers, experts, and organizations in the same niche, building credibility and expanding their reach.

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After: Enhabit's Successful Social Media Strategy

Furthermore, Enhabit leverages social media platforms to showcase success stories and testimonials from satisfied customers. By sharing real-life experiences, they establish trust and encourage potential clients to embark on their journey toward building a more sustainable home. Enhabit also actively responds to comments and messages on their social media pages, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction and engagement.


Although Enhabit has a strong presence on social media, there are still areas for improvement. Firstly, diversifying content formats, such as incorporating videos, infographics, and interactive content, could enhance user experience and engagement. Additionally, they can benefit from developing a more consistent posting schedule to maintain regular communication with their followers. Furthermore, actively monitoring industry trends and competitor activity can provide valuable insights to stay ahead and continuously improve their social media strategy.

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