Product Focus: Ambassify Affiliate Campaigns

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An Affiliate campaign is a clever way to track the individual impact of your advocates sharing content across your social networks and a great way to identify those members of your workforce who go the extra mile to share your company-branded content. In this post, we’ll go in-depth into how these work, where to use them, and offer our own example of how the Ambassify team uses these campaigns on a regular basis.

What are Affiliate campaigns?

what are affiliate campaigns and how do they work

An Affiliate campaign enables you to share a specific content piece with your community that contains an individual tracking link unique to each member of your Ambassify community.

This link allows you to track the number of clicks and interactions the content piece receives. As a result, you receive tangible data on which member of your community generated the most amount of impact by sharing your content.

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How are affiliate campaigns used by Ambassify customers?

affiliate campaign examples from Ambassify customers

Our customers use the Affiliate campaign in lots of creative ways! 

  • To promote new products or services and monitor new leads or sales generated by their workforce by linking the campaign to their CRM system
  • To spread the word about new vacancies and track the applicants received via their own employee networks. This enables companies to reward employees for being the first point of contact for a new hire. 
  • To promote company events, where the number of participants or tickets sold via the links of specific employees can be measured.

How the Ambassify team uses this campaign internally

affiliate campaign example from the Ambassify team

At Ambassify, we utilize this campaign every time we run a webinar to monitor each team member’s individual impact in generating new subscribers. When this campaign was first introduced, we wanted to test the impact of generating subscribers via the teams' social networks and compare the results vs. the traditional method of using paid advertising via social media networks. 

We set the goal of generating 100 subscribers in total for the webinar within two weeks. We exceeded this goal, and the results of the campaign were as follows:

38% of subscribers signed up via our Affiliate campaign, and all were generated from the networks of our team. To put this into perspective, generating the same number of subscribers relying entirely on paid advertising would have cost us €2935.20 based on the cost per lead! So not only did we hit our target, but we saved money in doing so also.

To summarize: it’s easy to get started with Affiliate campaigns and a great way to see not just the performance of a campaign as a whole but the individual impact of each member of your community who shared the content with their network. 

So, whether you have a new webinar or event coming up, an online event or promotional campaign, or want to find your next hire via your workforce, now's the time to give this a chance!

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