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A sneak peek at our SaaS platform and our features

Scale social media sharing via trusted ambassador networks

Leading brands know how to wield the power of their communities. Whether it's to grow brand exposure through trusted networks or share co-created employer branding campaigns, Ambassify lets you control the distribution of your content at scale.

1Prepare your best content for sharing

Define the intention of your social media campaign and use the campaign builder to make sure your ambassadors know what's expected of them.

Get to know our builder

2 Let employees share content effortlessly

Provide your ambassadors with all of the necessary assets and best practices but leave room for them to keep their authentic voice at the same time.

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3Spark engagement in your community

Involve your employees in your content strategy. Ask for input, feedback or co-creation and have them working together towards common, gamified goals.

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Let's take a look at your social media distribution strategy together

Whether your ideas are still raw or already crystal clear, we'll go through your case together and show you how Ambassify can add value relevant to your needs.

One Happy Customer
What do you like best about Ambassify? The platform is quite user-friendly, very easy to use, and works well and fast. It also offers some
unique and/or valuable features for sharing different kinds of content and entice advocates to participate and engage with it. What do you dislike about Ambassify? What we'd like to see improved is the range of functionalities to onboard new employees to be advocates. We want to incentivize engagement and participation amongst our employees but it is a tricky thing to entice them to be advocates in the first place, so I wish Ambassify could help us more with that. Recommendations to others considering Ambassify: I love how easily we can share many different kinds of content on the platform: it is super easy to use, so all it takes is a few minutes, and it all comes to life. On top of that, the platform allows you to share different kinds of content, and not only a selected few formats. It has cool features we haven't seen anywhere else, and it's simple to use, so employees don't need training or anything; a few minutes are all it takes to get the hang of it. With Ambassify, we can quickly and efficiently reach out to our employees to interact with our branded content. A few more functionalities to incentivize engagement among the employees would be nice to see, and it might help a lot in generating and stimulating engagement. In general, our experience has been more than positive. If we have a problem, all it takes is a message to customer support, and we're all set: they're swift and helpful when they take time to answer our questions, and that's definitely a plus. What problems is Ambassify solving and how is that benefiting you? I love how easily we can share content on the platform: it's the easiest thing to use, so it really doesn't feel at all like extra work, you know, you can just browse the community a bit and when there are new campaigns up it's really easy to participate and reshare interesting and relevant content. interaction is simple and that's very important for us because we don't want that to be an obstacle to those who want to be active on the platform. The platform is also sound, works well, and has really cool features (including gamification). One more thing we really appreciate about Ambassify is the customer support; they are super helpful every time and are super quick to respond if we need something, so every doubt or bug is fixed very efficiently. Response from Sara of Ambassify Our Customer Success Managers recently held a Share Your Brain session where they discussed how to stimulate engagement inside and outside the platform. You can read the solutions they came up with in our blogpost https://www.ambassify.com/blog/how-to-increase-engagement-among-your-ambassadors During our Share Your Brain sessions our Customer Success Team sits down with our customers to discuss different platform-related topics, think along with them, share best practices and tips, and try to find solutions to the most common issues.
Judith V.
Judith V.
Very Usefull platform to connect and engange with our employees
What do you like best about Ambassify? On the platform, there is a wide variety of different campaigns to keep the advocates engaged, not
just social share campaigns, but also polls and votings to get their feedback. This allows the advocates to be more motivated and stay active because they can interact in a lot of different ways instead of just sharing our content on their social media profiles. What do you dislike about Ambassify? The management of the rewards is sometimes time-consuming because there isn't an export function yet when you are handling the reward requests. Another reason why, is the fact that you can’t notify your advocates directly from the platform to keep them posted. What problems is Ambassify solving and how is that benefiting you? Our goal was to get more engagement out of our employees, to get them to share their ideas and opinions with us, to participate and share in our content. With Ambassify this is very easy and quick to do: the platform makes it very easy for us to propose different kinds of interaction and thus gather input from the advocates and share company messaging with and through them. The fact that they not only share company-related content but also see their input and ideas being listened to and used by us also helps us boost our branding, which is another goal we had set for ourselves. Response from Sara of Ambassify It is now possible for admins to export the reward requests of other Ambassadors. You can see the details of this functionality here 👉 https://changelog.ambassify.com/#product2653
 Lotte M.
Lotte M.
Ambassify is a great tool for us
What do you like best about Ambassify? The platform is easy to get a grip on, very user-friendly. Their support is top notch, always
available to help. The reporting dashboards give a lot of insights on the results of the campaigns. I think a big win is how fast and straightforward setting up and launching a campaign is. Which is not only very helpful to keep content and campaigns very topical but also facilitates the buy-in as you're not spending a huge deal of time in the platform, yet the results are there. What do you dislike about Ambassify? They push frequent updates to their reporting and metrics dashboards, which makes for a bit of a learning experience each time. But ultimately you do get more and better insights so that's actually a good thing. What problems is Ambassify solving and how is that benefiting you? We are able to share our news, campaigns and products with a broader audience than we would be able to reach with our own social channels. We also get our employees more involved in the things we do. The thing I appreciate most about Ambassify, is their support. Assistance is almost immediate and should the issue require some more time to figure out, they will update you frequently. The platform itself is very intuïtive which makes it not only pleasant to work with, but fast as well. This allows us to launch campaigns in a moment's notice, right after meetings or when urgency is key. Also, the reporting really allows us to see how many people we reach through our ambassadors, which makes the brand awareness increase more tangible. Overall I think Ambassify is a great platform for us, especially because we have a lot of decentralized teams which we can keep in the loop effortlessly.
 Sarah G.
Sarah G.

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