Ambassify Professional
per ambassador, per month
billed monthly or anually
A community where your brand ambassadors can spread your company's messages on their own social channels.
Ambassify Enterprise
per ambassador, per month
billed annually
Starting price per ambassador, per month. On demand pricing. Depending on your exact needs and size of your ambassador community.

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Details Professional Premium Enterprise
Admins 1 Multiple Multiple
Training Self-Service Coaching & On-boarding Coaching & On-boarding
Support Ticket Mail Phone

Own colour scheme
Logo branding
Own domain

One community?
Connect your social accounts
Multiple groups within your community?
Mobile friendly
Net Promotor Score?
Ambassador subscribe widgets?
Interactive community
Auto digest mails?

Content wall
A dozen of one click challenges?
Content scheduler
Auto suggest content items?
Multi-stage challenges?
Ideation challenge
Reference challenge
Referral challenge
Review challenge
User generated content challenges?
Automatic moderation

Full gamification

ROI calculator
Ambassify analytics
Ambassify premium analytics

Integrations and access
Single Sign On?
Mobile app
Advanced integrations?

Common questions & answers

Can I use Ambassify on my Facebook page?

Ambassify is an exclusive community for your best ambassadors only. Although it can be integrated on a FB tab, we don't recommend it. Obviously, you can share the challenges within the community on all social media channels, FB included.

Do you have a database of potential brand ambassadors for my brand?

That's not what we do. We allow you to use your own databases and contacts and will identify your best brand ambassadors through different mechanisms, but we can't provide you with the initial data. You know or should know your customers best, right?

What's the enterprise package about?

Although everything is out-of-the box available in our different packages, most of our larger clients have very specific needs (for example: SLA, custom integrations, 24/7 support, API access, extra users or ambassadors, dedicated account manager...). Let's talk enterprise! The sky doesn't need to be the limit!

Can I get a monthly invoice ?

We strongly believe building and working with your ambassador army is a continuous process. We notice our customers are more successful on yearly contracts. Also, building a community takes time. There's no quick fix in ambassador marketing.

How does the 14-day trial work?

We strongly believe in a transparent approach so we allow you to check out our professional ambassador marketing community through our 14-day trial. No credit card needed.

Ready to start working with your ambassadors?

We take great pride in our ambassador marketing platform. That's why we challenge YOU to learn more about our platform and start identifying and activating your brand ambassadors today!