Upload video and share video,
straight from Ambassify.

Fuel your content strategy with the most powerful format, video, on a large scale.
Every single advocate can share your videos natively onto their social media pages, straight from Ambassify.

1 Intuitive campaign setup 

Like any other campaign, it’s extremely easy to ask your ambassadors to share a video. Go through the steps in the builder and upload the video you want to share.


2 Via desktop & mobile app

After publishing your campaign, it will either be visible in the community (desktop & mobile), on your landing page, or both. Just like any other campaign.

3 Customize first, then share

When sharing the video, your advocates can still alter the copy (to pre-made or their own). Once they click share, the video will upload on the social platform of your choosing.


4 No redirections needed

Ambassify shares your videos directly onto the Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook pages, where they can be viewed instantly without having to leave the platform.

Other solutions might only publish a link, taking the audience to a separate video landing page, away from the social media platform.