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The best software tools have all the right levers in all the right places. Based on actual customer experiences, Ambassify adds only relevant and high-demand features.

For some it's that one must-have feature, for others it's the overall value and opportunities. 29 reasons why companies are making the switch to Ambassify.
Increase Ambassadors' engagement and motivation by creating and defining collective goals to work towards together as a community.
Ambassify's campaign builder is easy to use, intention-based, and intuitive, with a vast library of campaign possibilities.
Give your advocates the option to post alternative visuals, preview copy, and default share copy for every social media channel when sharing.
Avoid your content going out all at once. Users can pick the time to share so it's in sync whith their online behavior and doesn't come across as spam.
Maximize online reach and engagement by automatically scheduling your posts in the time slot where your audience is most likely to engage with them.
Fuel your content strategy with native videos. Advocates can share any video natively onto their social media pages, straight from Ambassify.
Your Ambassadors can now share photos and videos on Instagram directly from the Ambassify native mobile app.
Transform any link, LinkedIn post or Tweet into a campaign with only a few clicks inside of your feed and tag people and companies in the post description.
Bring your Ambassify community closers to your employees with our new Microsoft Teams integration!
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