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The most complete social sharing and engagement tool.
Easy to onboard. Grow as you go. Focused on results.

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Differentiate and personalize

Ambassify is yours. Brand your platform and make it an integral part of your strategy.

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Large-scale social sharing

Creating, managing, and tracking campaigns is Ambassify's proven bread and butter.

Monitor with a heart on it

Frictionless internal buy-in

Security, privacy, and compliance thoroughly documented to roll out smoothly.

management & pricing

Ambassify prides itself on being low-effort and intuitive, yet flexible in use and extensive in reach.
Configure your Ambassify platform as a reliable one-trick pony or a versatile sharing powerhouse.

Branded landing pages, community & mobile app

The community is white-label ready. You can add your own branding and make it seem as if Ambassify were a proprietary platform.

Super easy intention-based campaign builder

Ambassify's campaign wizard can quickly guide you toward the right campaign based on the interaction you want to obtain. Editing campaigns is just as simple, allowing adjustments on the fly.

Leverage authenticity on a large scale

As your number of ambassadors grows, it is crucial to keep your shared content both manageable and authentic. Pre-define visual and copy alternatives and create customized descriptions.

Discover how Ambassify can takeyour organic growth to the next level

What separates us from
the competition

Ambassify is known to have an extensive selection of unique, well-received special features.
Below is just a taste of what we have in store, reach out if you want to browse the full menu.

Verify your shares &
track conversions

Other platforms require you to manually check if a post has been shared. In Ambassify, posts get verified automatically to ensure they are live on someone's feed.

Automated emails, push notifications & SMS

Ambassify not only offers automated emails and push notifications but also SMS and Whatsapp text messages to engage your employees.

Native video sharing on social media

Avoid having to redirect your users to a separate video platform. Ambassify shares your videos straight onto the Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook feed.

Discover many more
unique features

This is just the tip of the iceberg. API-sharing, 3rd-party content, image & video sharing, Tango Card integration, announcement campaigns... Schedule a call and find out!

A guaranteed win with
everyone's buy-in

"How much money will it save us?""Is it secure to use?""Is it easy enough to use?"
Ambassify is designed to deliver your ROI on a silver platter.

Impress management with clear-cut reporting & ROI

Compare your metrics over a custom period of time and find out at a glance how your campaigns, engagement, and messages are performing.

Secure data-handling and GDPR compliance

API sharing collects the same information as the "Log in with..." process. As most of the API sharing is declared in our standard DPA, sharing of content is allowed by default.

Integrations with your favorite software

Custom tracking, conversion pixels, Zapier, Webhooks, SSO, RSS... Ambassify has all the necessary goodies to fit your company's technological requirements.