Our best advocates are our customers and users! Read their story and get inspired…


Brand advocacy programs are becoming increasingly popular in both B2B and B2C environments. Over the years we’ve seen major successes in these verticals


Word-of-mouth has always been the driving force behind leisure activities. Companies turn to brand advocacy platforms to boost word-of-mouth.


First thing people do before buying is looking up reviews and listening to referrals from users. If they can’t be found, your product or service does not seem very trustworthy.


This vertical is similar to the tech industry. Software companies are aware of the growing importance of referrals and are therefore looking for a suitable brand advocacy platform.


FMCG is -next to leisure- a vertical that thrives on word-of-mouth. That's why more and more FMCG companies opt for harnessing the power of their brand advocates.

HR & Recruitment

In this niche, brand advocacy not only helps your business to increase its reach, but it will also make your recruiting and organisational efforts more effective.


As an NGO you want your message to be spread fast and easy. An advocacy marketing platform makes it a breeze to spread the word and get more eyeballs.