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SAML and Single Sign-On Support

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We added support for SAML (Secure Assertion Markup Language) to make it easier for our enterprise clients to get access to Ambassify.

SAML & SSO? What is that?

As a SaaS company, we always strive to improve the ease of use of our product. One major part of this is getting access to the platform. 

We added support for SAML (Secure Assertion Markup Language) to make this step easier for our enterprise clients.

This lets you provide single sign-on (SSO) access to your Ambassify Marketing platform. With SSO, users can sign in using their corporate credentials to access multiple systems and service providers, including Ambassify.

An example

A common use case is a company where all user authentications are managed by a corporate authentication system such as Active Directory or LDAP (generically referred to as an identity provider or IdP).

Ambassify establishes a trust relationship with the IdP and allows it to authenticate and login users to Ambassify.

Our changelog

We are publishing new features and updates on our changelog, where you'll find a short mention of SAML on there as well. You can see our changelog through this link.