3 Zaps to Automate the Onboarding of New Ambassadors

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By integrating Ambassify with Zapier you can create a ton of code-free automation to slim down your processes: for example, these 3 Zap templates will help you automate the onboarding of new ambassadors, introduce new hires to the world of employee advocacy, and support them in their company onboarding with recognition options.

Onboarding employees into Ambassify is a very important step in the launch process of a brand-new employee advocacy program. Promoting and advertising the platform and the program internally usually does the trick when it comes to enticing employees to join. In most cases, there will be a good degree of curiosity during the early stages, which ensures more interest in participation, and onboarding ambassadors will be crucial.

However, that’s not the end of it. What’s maybe even more important is keeping the program alive and plump at all times and growing the ambassador base steadily over time. You want to make sure that more and more employees join the ranks and become trusted and active ambassadors for your company.

Ambassify’s Zapier integration

You may or may not know that Ambassify integrates with Zapier, a tool that allows you to effortlessly build code-free automation to link thousands of other apps and tools together to automate processes and, basically, make your life easier. 

Because of Ambassiy’s integration with Zapier, you are able to create simple yet super helpful automation that can help your community admin slim down the workload and make the best of the Ambassify platform, especially when it comes to onboarding. 

To support you in your onboarding practices — whether that be as you onboard your employees en mass onto Ambassify or in the later stages of the program — we’ve put together a list of our top 3 Zaps (aka, Zapier automation) that will help you automate the onboarding of new ambassadors. Let’s dive right in! 

Introduce new hires to Ambassify

Send invite on Google workspace joined


This Zap is perfect to make sure all the new hires fall in the net of employee advocacy one way or another. If you use Slack, you can create a similar one to make sure that as soon as you add a new employee to the pool, they will be welcomed to the team with a predefined email, and they will be introduced to the world of employee advocacy early on.

automate onboarding with Zapier

If you want to catch all new employees early on, this is the way to go. New hires will be promptly introduced to advocacy and will get to know that the program exists in case they decide to join. 

Instead of welcome emails, you could also think about putting together an Ambassify starter pack. What is that? That’s up to you! Put together the most important information about your advocacy program, what you do and why, what it means to be an ambassador, etc. This will give new hires a comprehensive view of the program and entice them to join, which they can do through your email.

The best part? It’s all automated.

Explain the rules of the game

Automate sending onboarding tips for your employee advocacy program

Did a new employee sign up to be an ambassador? Explain to them how the community works with this handy Zap. From FAQ about the community's inner workings to gamification (if you activated it), rewards, or even some extra information on the impact of employee ambassadors. 

Automate onboarding with Zapier

This automation allows you to gently guide your employees along so they feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about the impact their efforts will have.

Recognize employees for their efforts and early progress

Reward employee points for task in Monday

We all know that onboarding processes can be long and hard sometimes — being showered (or, some would say, bombarded) with tons of new information all at once isn’t a walk in the park. 

Automate onboarding with Zapier

That’s why this teeny tiny automation actually has a big impact: if you rely on Monday.com to manage your team's work, this is a way to show them you’re recognizing their progress and effort throughout the onboarding process and beyond. 

So there we go! These are Ambassify’s 3 favorite Zaps you can build in under 5 minutes (or even less if you use our templates) on Zapier to automate and optimize your onboarding processes through Ambassify and deliver a smoother and better experience to your new employees.