What are the Ambassify Services?

Our Services consist of various workshops and training sessions given by a group of experts who work in partnership with Ambassify. These services are accessible to every organization looking to solve communication, branding, and/or engagement challenges on a strategic level.


Why do we provide this offer?

To offer and provide organizations with broader, widespread support to help them develop their knowledge to become experts in their own fields.


What is our offer?

Each of our experts has years of experience in their domain, gathered by working alongside and within a variety of organizations.



We deliver various types of content β€” webinars, articles, client stories, etc. β€” and knowledge to help you bring your expertise to a higher level.

Professional Workshops

Professional Workshops

We provide individual and group training session on different topics ranging from Employer Branding to Social Media, from communication and social selling to employee well-being.



We support your company with professional support and consultancy to take your business strategy to the next level.

Meet our expert on Employer branding

Yves Pilet

  • Performing a target group analysis and drawing up your personas.
  • Analysing your labor market competition.
  • Development or review of your Employer Value Proposition.
  • Setting up your complete employer branding strategy.
  • Setting up employer branding KPIs and dashboard.
  • Defining your optimal communication mix and activation plan per target group.
  • Train your staff with the BluePrint course on data-driven employer brand management.
  • Train your staff with customized in-house employer branding masterclasses and workshops.

Interested in an Employer Branding workshop with Yves?

After this session, you will know what the essential checklist of a great EVP is and how you can create one for your company. Here are some of the topics that will be touched upon during the workshop:

  • Why Employer Branding is important 
  • What Employer Branding can do for you
  • What EVP means 
  • To bring theory into practice with real-life cases


Duration: 1 hour | Location: Online | Pricing: €900

Meet our expert on Self-ownership and Social Selling

Veronique De Prycker

Your company can make a successful transition based on 3 pillars:

  • Global Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Social Selling/ Social Recruiting

You’re talking with the right person if you want to be inspired by:

  • The usage of LinkedIn
  • Social Selling for you or your company
  • Self-mastery
  • Executive Leadership

Interested in lunch & learn with Veronique? 

During this session you’ll get to know everything about: 

  • The novelties that increase the visibility of your people & company
  • How this can be supported with Ambassify so that the processes are highly automated
  • How to easily reach your ideal target group
  • Which content marketing works best
  • How to use the algorithms in your favor
  • How to facilitate this towards all employees


Duration: 1-hour training + 30 min Q&A | Location: Online | Number of attendees: max. 10 | Pricing: €1500

Meet our expert on Social Media

Sarah Vandewoude

  • Social Media Content + Social Media statistics
  • Social Media Training
  • Google Adwords, Content Marketing, Email marketing, SEO, Video Marketing

Interested in a Social Media training with Sarah?

This training allows you to have a better understanding of Social media and how it can be of benefit for your company. Learn more about: 

  • How to stimulate and increase interactions
  • How to make community ambassadors
  • How to grow the value of content in communities 
  • How can I get in touch with like-minded people 
  • How to create and increase the impact of the posts


Duration: +- 3 hours | Location: Online or in-person | Pricing: €1080

Or would you rather attend a LinkedIn Training with her?

After this session, your ambassadors will understand the value of LinkedIn and how it can work for them. Here are some of the questions that will be answered: 

  • How do I get the most out of my LinkedIn profile?
  • How can I make the most of my network via LinkedIn?
  • How can I network remotely?
  • How can I be an online ambassador?
  • What are the LinkedIn trends for 2022?


Duration: +- 3 hours | Location: Online or in-person | Pricing: €1080

Meet our expert in Communication

Piet Saegeman

  • Strategic messaging for internal and external communications
  • In-company workshops on how to create high-impact messages with brain science
  • Guidance and support for communication challenges

Interested in a strategic communication workshop with Piet?

At the end of the training session, you will have clear recommendations for your communication strategy. Here’s a sneak peek of what Piet will discuss with you during the session: 

  • Strategic messaging for internal and external communications
  • High-impact messages with brain science
  • Guidance and support for communication challenges
  • Increasing the adoption of your Ambassador program


Duration: starting from half a day (duration can be arranged based on needs) |  Location: in-person | Pricing: ranging between €960 and €1800 depending on the duration.

Meet our expert on Influencer Marketing

So Buzzy

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing and Ambassador Marketing
  • Conversation Management
  • Online Marketing and Social Media workshops and advies

Copy of LinkedIn Adds Illustration-23

Interested in an influencer marketing workshop with So Buzzy?

Influencer Marketing and social media are inseparably linked. More and more companies see the advantage of working with influencers to reach target groups that they have difficulty reaching through their own channels. Would you like to work with influencers to reach your business goals, but don't know where to start? Then this workshop is definitely for you. Hot topics? 

  • Influencer Marketing is and its importance
  • Influencer Marketing Rules in Belgium
  • What objectives you can use influencers for
  • Tools at your disposal
  • A lot of practical tips and inspiration


Duration: 3 hours |  Location: in-person (transportation costs will be added) or online | Number of attendees: max. 15 | Pricing: €540.

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Offerings and prices above apply to the experts’ general offering: if you are interested in one of them, you can book your session here.  

Otherwise, if you’d like to meet our partners you can book a consultation. Here you can discuss possibilities of a customized session tailored to your needs and those of your company, and find out what the most suited option for you might be. To book a 15-minute consultation fill in the form below.