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What challenges are brands facing today?

We live in an era where people talk about and share everything they experience. Especially their experiences with your products or services.
Besides, you are probably still investing a lot of your marketing budget in the least trusted channels, such as advertising, but also content marketing and social selling.

Well, the thing is that your future clients don't want to live in a world where they're being bothered by intrusive advertising. They want to live in a world where their trusted peers influence their purchasing decisions.

Well, your current employees and happy clients happen to be your best brand ambassadors.



Your prospects don't trust company messaging anymore and are flooded with commercial information.



Your future customers are up to 70% in their buying process before reaching out to you.



Classic advertising doesn't work anymore and your prospects might even block this content .

How can brands overcome those challenges?

By leveraging your ambassadors through your own ambassador marketing platform you can drive word-of-mouth sales. The messaging of your company gets trusted 3 times less than recommendations and reviews of your trusted ambassadors.

Let your ambassadors thrive through trusted references, testimonials, reviews and much more, all in a fun and rewarding way.

higher close ratios


You will make your sales people's job much easier when they have a continuous stream of high-quality testimonials and other marketing material from your best customers.

shortened sales cycles


Save time and money by getting your most trusted content into that first phase of your customer's buying process, and shorten the cycle.

client retenion


It's much more efficient for you to sell through your existing clients by using referrals and references. It will make your new clients stay longer.

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