LP - Ambassify Services - Sarah webinar

What to expect from this webinar

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn in a professional B2B environment to connect marketing and sales
  • Gain insight into the algorithm and practical tips to put your company in the spotlight through personal, professional, and company branding
  • Learn best practices to boost your company's image to a higher level
  • And at the same time, attract potential employees and customers



Unlock LinkedIn's potential for your company

LinkedIn is a medium that is underestimated in a B2B environment. Most people only know and use 15% of the possibilities of LinkedIn, namely posting something and occasionally giving a like.

The new frontier of B2B LinkedIn usage

LinkedIn's been called the home of professional activities. It's true: LinkedIn is the channel to map out your network and capitalize on it through social selling techniques. 

Refine and enhance your company's online image

Maintain your existing network and expand your network with new leads via advanced tools. Combine online and offline strategies, and make it authentic and personal.

Webinar details

πŸ—“οΈ  October 10   πŸ•  12:00-12:45 CEST  πŸ“ Online

Sarah Vandewoude

β€œThrive now, regret nothing later.” This quote encourages me to push myself to my limits. My big dream? Encouraging personal entrepreneurship among children, young people, and in the workplace. With this, I want to challenge and grow and encourage everyone to take their life into their own hands and create something, even if it is just something small."