One-to-one on ambassador marketing


Identifying your ambassadors is crucial for your business

BuboBox offers a do-it-yourself platform to track each interaction of your brand's customers. Did you know that brand ambassadors are 6 times as valuable as regular customers?

We offer you a free workshop to discuss how brand ambassadorship will work for your brand!

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Identify your ambassadors

Why waste your budget on acquiring new customers, when your brand ambassadors can be the ideal spokespeople for your brand. By identifying them, platforms like BuboBox give you high valuable insights in their online behaviour.
If you know your ambassadors and their online behaviour, it's much easier to convert them into recurring customers. Besides, if they're happy about your product or service, they can easily convert new people into customers.

Why you should attend:


Choose your own date, time and place

You can invite your colleagues and learn together

Not pushing our own product, but ambassador principles you can implement directly afterwards

Workshop hosts

Koen Stevens
Word-Of-Mouth Director BuboBox, Chief

Pieter Moens
BuboBox Sales Ambassador & Social Media Expert