LP - Ambassify Services - Yves webinar

What to expect from this webinar

  • The foundation of a data-driven employer branding strategy
  • Why data of your employer brand matters but shouldn’t be the sole focus
  • Why the difference between employer branding and recruitment is key
  • Which KPIs matter when it comes to your employer's brand



Measuring your Employer Brand

How do you measure your employer brand? Our employer branding expert, Yves Pilet, will share his most relevant insights and the secrets to measuring your employer brand effectively.

Stand out among competitors

Companies have to set themselves apart from their competitors. This is true for organizations and their products and services, but today is also about setting yourself apart as an employer.

Defining your Employer Brand

A solid business strategy is key, but how are you going to attract, engage, and retain talent? How will you as an employer convince the CEO and higher management that investment in your employer brand is necessary?

Webinar details

🗓️  October 20  🕐  13:00-13:45 CEST  📍  Online

Yves Pilet

 "In my view, people want to work for organizations that look beyond economic interests. Yet, organizations benefit from happy employees. That is why these employees and organizations find each other the best as a result of employer branding in which both economic and social interests play a role."