Employer Branding & Social Hiring

Building a solid Employer Brand will enable you to showcase your company culture, attract top talent to your organisation, and reduce your time to hire. By utilising your employee networks, you'll also see your cost-per-hire dramatically fall. You'll find all the tools you need to build your Employer Brand in Ambassify


Distribute Content and Solicit Feedback

Create a dialogue with your employees, by not only sharing content with them to distribute but also asking their feedback to different company initiatives and campaigns 


Keep your employees engaged using varied interactions

You can easily create new interaction campaigns that will keep your employees informed and engaged in just a few clicks. With dozens of interactions to choose from, such as social sharing, polls, referrals and many more, you'll never run out of ways to engage with your workforce


Automated Workflows & Landing Pages

Easily transform your existing content into campaigns in just a few clicks. Create even more brand awareness by expanding the reach of your social media or blog content into networks that were previously not accessible. You can also easily publish landing pages for campaigns, so no wasting time waiting for a web designer to build pages for you


Build Your Data Set

Build your own unique data set that allows you to plan your next activities, with predictable results. Gather qualitative data, not just quantitative, that enables you to know more about individual employee preferences. You can then set, as well as act on, certain KPI’s.


Gamification and Rewards

An integrated leaderboard of your most enthusiastic employees makes interacting with you campaigns fun and competitive! Assign points for completing certain actions, provide fun rewards, and watch your interaction rate go through the roof!


White labelled mobile app: Engagement on the go!

Have a large number of employees that use their mobile devices to keep in touch? You can launch your own branded Ambassify app that displays our entire platform under the fingertips of your workforce!


Competitive Pricing Model

Our platform is flexible to suit your needs, and our pricing is also! We have a number of competitive pricing structures for large organisations that need to engage with workforces of different sizes. Contact us today to discuss your goals and we'll put together an attractive package that suits your organisation.