Communication Interactions

Communicate effectively with your employees. These interactions help you share information with your employees, so they feel more involved.

Welcome to the community

Welcome new members to the community, explain how it works and what to expect.

Content Item

Create a news item for your community, like an announcement or an article.

Inspire Each Other

Round up your customers so that they can inspire each other, and you can present them your news and novelties.

Event Giveaway

Give away an invite for an event, workshop, training, etc.


Ask for your member’s permission if you have not acquired their op-in yet

Click it with link

Get your members to visit a link you provide, and confirm they did so.

Introduce New Employee

Introduce a new employee to their coworkers.

Employee Engagement Interactions

Build employee engagement with interactions built to gather feedback and opinions, and let your members actively contribute.

Give a comment

Let your members join the discussion

Give it a name poll

Let your members contribute to your next decision by letting them choose between different options.


Collect and develop ideas and let your members upvote their favorites

Community invite not accepted

Ask for feedback from those who have not accepted your initial invitation to join your community on Ambassify

Net Promotor Score (NPS)

Measure the loyalty of your customers and relations with a simple 0-10 score.


Let your members voice their opinion by letting them vote in a poll


Let your members give a score from 0 to 10 on a certain suggestion or question

Feedback on New Design

Let your members rate new project designs, logos, web pages, etc.

Suggest a reward

Let your members suggest new ways to reward them.


Let members suggest new content, challenges, features or activations for your company or product. This challenge will make it possible to listen to what your members have to say.


Gather feedback by letting your members fill out a configurable form.


Gather feedback by letting your members fill out a configurable Typeform


Let your members cast a positive or negative vote on a question.

Brand Advocacy Interactions

Enhance your online presence with interactions designed to help your brand advocates speak for you.

Affiliate Links

Let your members share your links with a unique affiliate code, and get full tracking of their reach.

Click it

Ask your members to confirm they performed an action you requested by clicking a button

Comment on our Facebook Post

Ask your members to post a comment on your facebook post and build engagement

Join our Facebook Group

Grow your Facebook group by asking your members to join

Facebook Like

Ask your members to like a certain article, web site, or Facebook page to increase social interactions

Review us on Facebook

Ask your members for a review on Facebook

Review us on Glassdoor

Ask your members to write a review on Glassdoor and inspire job seekers to get in touch with your company.

Follow on Instagram

Ask your members to follow you on Instagram

Instagram Like

Ask your members to like a post to Instagram. Build awareness for your brand.

Instagram Post

Ask your members to submit a post to Instagram

Instagram Story

Ask your members to submit a story to Instagram

Comment on your LinkedIn Post

Ask your members to respond to your LinkedIn post and build engagement.

Follow on LinkedIn

Ask your members to follow you on LinkedIn

Join LinkedIn Group

Ask your members to join a LinkedIn group. Grow your social communities on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Like

Ask your members to like a post on LinkedIn to increase social interactions.

Recruitment form

Let your members request access to the community.


Ask members to be a reference for your company


Let members make referrals for you. Get new customers thanks to the power of word-of-mouth.


Increase the reach of your tweets. Ask your members to retweet a specific tweet on Twitter

Social Share

Peer recommendations are more trustworthy. Ask your members to share your content on their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others.

Share an image

Ask your members to share images on channels like Facebook and Linkedin. Because peer recommendations are more trustworthy.

Link your social profiles

Ask your members to share their member name on social media. You will be able to check if they execute your campaigns.

Tweet with Hashtags

Boost your hashtags on twitter. Ask your members to write a Tweet with specific hashtags you define and control the online conversation.