Ambassify is much more than an influencer marketing platform.

It’s a tool that helps you connect with the customers that you already have and empowering them to promote your business without any monetary compensation.

Once you lay the groundwork that’s advocacy marketing, partnering with influencers becomes just one facet of your overall marketing strategy - only then will those partnerships result in a substantial increase of your revenue.


People trust advocates more than they trust influencers (92% vs. 18%)


Advocates don’t have an audience - they have personal connections they can leverage


They also have a genuine interest in your brand, and that’s something that shows


Customer advocacy is here to stay - influencers can move to a different project tomorrow


Advocates generally don’t get a paycheck - they get recognition and are happy to help

Here’s what marketers think they are getting with influencer marketing
(and what are they getting instead):

Influencer marketing platforms connect you with social media influencers who ‘might’ be a good fit for your business. When it comes to data, you mostly get audience reach and the niche their followers roughly fit into.

Marketers are looking for their own core audience
What they find is an uninterested audience that may or may not be of any value to them.

They are also hoping for real, purchase-driving engagement
And getting idle virtual chatter that translates into very few actual sales.

They are turning to influencer marketing to build trust
According to Forrester, only 18% of customers actually trust anything advertised by people they perceive to be paid influencers.

A match that will last some time and influencers that care about their brand
At best, marketers will get a fleeting interest and a relationship that lasts for as long as the influencer is getting paid.

If this is the case, why do marketers insist on spending so much money on influencer marketing? Remember, it’s an industry worth somewhere between $ 3.2 and 6.3 billion. The main reason why marketers invest in influencer marketing platforms is because they confuse audience with influence.

True influence is the influence that drives actions - it doesn’t simply grow awareness! Would you sooner believe a hyped-up online personality or your peer if they both talked about how great a certain new business enterprise software is? Peers win out every single time because the trust is built-in - they don’t have to work at it.

Use Influencers to Spread the Word About Your Awesome Community

If you want to create a large online movement that results in more than just online awareness and social media engagement, here’s what you need to do:

1. Identify your best customers
These are the people who love your brand and would go out of their way to endorse it - it makes their life easier, and they want everyone to enjoy the same benefit. Ambassify can help with that by providing a template NPS (Net Promoter Score) that you can email to all your existing customers and see how likely they are to endorse you.

2. Engage with them and build a relationship
Now that you know who your potential best advocates are, it’s time to nurture them. Invite them to participate in your advocacy program by creating a safe meeting place where they can meet, interact, and compete with other advocates. The Ambassify platform is one such place - there, they can have access to exclusive content, branded memorabilia, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (such as a chance to meet the CEO, or participate in an advocates-only event).

3. Create a vibrant community of people who help each other out
Your advocate community is a living, breathing organism and, as such, it depends on other participants. Your job is to connect those people and teach them how to help each other out - answer one another’s questions, give feedback on product/service, share their tips on how to use it, and so on. Participate in the community and facilitate its growth so that you become an integral part of their lives.

4. Now might be the time to plug in influencer marketing platforms
Influencers who are touting a product are a dime a dozen, but those telling people about a growing movement around a company are rare. Now that your advocates are active and contributing, you can consider moving the whole project in front of a larger audience. Another benefit of this approach is that the influencer might actually get genuinely interested in your brand, which might make their participation long-term and not just a one-off thing.

Before you move half of your budget over to influencer marketing, ask yourself the question:

‘Did I do all the groundwork needed for this influencer campaign to work’?

If you didn’t, stop looking for an influencer marketing platform, and start connecting with your existing customers.

Influencers might not make a dent at all, but advocates will certainly move the needle when it comes to helping you reach your sales goals!

Advocate Marketing Gameplan
advocate marketing gameplan