Believe it or not, big audiences are not what you should be looking for at all. That’s because they are not what you need. What you need is interest - cold leads that someone else can warm up for you, and make it worthwhile for your marketing team to pursue.

What you’re getting with influencer marketing platforms is access to a large auditorium of mostly disinterested people.

Honestly, you need that as much as you need a tax audit, right?

Here’s what working with an influencer marketing platform gets you

Access to a pool of (usually poorly) prequalified influencers

Hours of research and searching for influencers that might be a good fit

Spending even more hours setting up a campaign and managing it

A monthly retainer fee for executing campaigns or 20% on everything you spend

Proprietary (and, most of the time, unusable) performance reporting

A big question mark where a simple ROI calculation should be

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t add influencer marketing to your strategy, What we are saying is that it’s not something that you should start with. Reaching out to thousands of people who are not interested in your brand and through a mouthpiece that is in clear disconnect with you means that you’re just wasting your marketing budget.

Instead of focusing on a large audience, focus instead on real interest,
and stop confusing and conflating the two.

Enter Ambassify

The cutting-edge advocacy platform that connects you to your existing customers, and allows you to harness their incredible marketing power.

With just a bit of effort on your part, you will be able to turn a good number of them into raving superfans who will outperform your best in-house salespeople - without spending a fortune.

Why Advocacy Marketing First?


46% of people trust influencers; 92% trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and peers.


70% of your customers are willing to leave social media feedback or review - without you having to pay for it.


Ambassify gives you total control over your advocates - nurturing, directing, rewarding - and provides usable performance metrics.

Ambassify - Your Advocacy Marketing One-Stop Shop

Less Ad spend, More Qualified Leads

16% Increase in Customer Lifetime Value

Social Media Domination - 561% Reach Increase

Real-Time Analytics & Actionable Data

Instead of getting hung up over influencer marketing platforms, start building your own network of fans who will reach a large number of people, either through social media or through referrals and reviews.

The great thing here is that the people they reach are not strangers - they are family, friends, peers, and business partners, and they already respect and trust your advocates.

Identify & Engage Your Best Customers

  • Easily find your superfans among your existing customers
  • Invite them to join your advocacy program
  • Slice and dice them into relevant segments
  • Start the relationship building process
  • Give Your Advocates Something To Do

  • Create relevant content that they can share
  • Make it easy to leave reviews and referrals
  • Dominate social news feeds without ads
  • Tap into the social media networks of your advocates
  • Make Participation Fun & Rewarding

  • Create advocacy levels for the participants to progress through
  • Foster healthy competition between your advocates
  • Award participation with cool, unorthodox branded gifts
  • Organize advocate-centric events and promotions
  • Always Know Your Advocacy ROI

  • Set up relevant and measurable advocacy goals
  • Use Ambassify’s analytics to drive decision-making
  • Track engagement and reach with ease
  • Tie traffic and conversions to specific campaigns
  • In the end, the main reason why you should choose Ambassify over any influencer marketing platform - and advocacy over influencer marketing - is trust. While influencers can bring massive reach to the table, most average Joes won’t buy into what they are selling.

    On the other hand, your average advocate might have a smaller reach, but they have a much better chance of influencing purchasing decisions. Influencer marketing only makes sense once you’ve exhausted your existing resources of finding cheaper and more qualified leads, and we’ll bet that your current customers didn’t even cross your mind.

    Want to see some real ROI and skyrocket your revenue? Go with real interest and trust over vanity metrics and watch those leads pour in. Go with Ambassify!

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